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All gas burners will put off a gas Oder when lit, if you go away for a while and come back home and smell gas, you should turn off the gas and call the gas company

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This problem points to the controller card not functioning properly. It will need to be replaced. Here is a link so you can get the owner's manual:

Check it out, it may help you figure it out.

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Eight years is a lot of dishwashing. There are hoses, belts and gears- all of them wear- and the noise is part of the result. Especially when it works hardest.
I doubt it can be repaired for less than its is worth
Time to visit Amazon

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The top latch on this is a cam type latch and is a common part to break, if you check the rocker switch in the latch assembly it may be seized, also where the metal shaft runs through the pivot point can crack and cause similar issues.

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d3dx9_29.dllThis is because you are missing a file.Step 1. You can download d3dx9_29-dllStep 2. Paste this file into your system32 and system folder. Also put it in your syswowStep 3. Navigate to your System32(32Bit OS) or SyWOW64(64Bit OS) Folder.Note: The location of System32 or SyWOW64 isC:Windows\System32 (If you are using 32Bit Windows))C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (if you are using 64Bit Windows)Step 4.Paste the d3dx9_29.dll into this folder.Step 5.Run the game. It might work now.

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incorrect conversion- valves to large - gas should not leak at all- should only FLOW when in use- TURN OFF GAS TO STOVE- EXTREME FIRE HAZARD

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Sorry to read about your problem, I hope this helps you out.

range units need to be cleaned,, remove all grease.. use a pin to clean holes

I tried to help you. Please help me and Rate/Vote on my response, thanks and good luck

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The spray arms can usually be removed by unscrewing (clockwise or counter clockwise depending on brand and model), or squeezing a retainer to release the arm. Before removing the spray arm, place the spray arms (all) in a specific position and activate the dishwasher for a few seconds with wash action. Then examine the position of the spray arms to determine if there was movement from the spray arms. If not, then the spray arm(s) are probably clogged and restricting water flow (which makes them turn). Make certain that you are positioning the plates, glasses, etc. in the dishwasher so that they have access to the water. If still no luck, contact an appliance service company.

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Thanks for writing to Fixya.com.

You most likely have a wire loose. This happens from the popping of the circuit breakers to the stove. It is only the stove that is effected . You need to shut off the breakers to the stove only, then push the breakers past the offsetting. This resets them. Then try turning them on again. As long as the switches on the stove are OFF, there should be no problem in using the other burners, but do NOT use the one that sparked. If the breakers shut off or it sparks again. Shut off the breakers and call a licensed appliance repair person.

Thanks for contacting Fixya and please accept the solution if it has helped you.

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Remove the bottom access plate. Reach inside and find the spring and re-attach it. If the spring is broken buy a replacement spring. There should be 2 springs,one on each side.

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This depends on the game and who made the patch.
MOST patches have what is called a self extracting installation file.

Assuming this is a windows machine.
It should have an .EXE extension. Double clicking this will cause the file to execute and install. Be careful however. Unofficial patch Screams VIRUS!!! Also keep in mind running patches will cause anyone with a different version number to be unable to connect with you in a multi-player game.

Use caution and certain of who and where this patch came from.

Good luck!

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Hi would try cleaning the pilot light out and see if this works

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how old and how much memory does that card have ? also what is the internal memory in your computer

the cpu and speed of it will be helpful as well


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The problem is hard water. www.dishwasherfilter.com has a product to solve this problem once and for all. It filters the water going into your dishwasher and removes the hard minerals that leave those spots. It is very affordable and even has a money back guarantee. You will love the way your dishes look with this product.

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