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you can buy new ones for very cheap don't be so darn cheap

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PARID ????????

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No, it means you are being advised to upgrade the firmware in the BT8010 to the latest version to have improved function. It does not mean your BT8010 won't work, it just won't be a versatile as if you did the upgrade. You will need the follow Jabra's instructions how to download the firmware from their internet site and install it,

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My android tablet not pair with Jabra too, perhaps tablets have no options.

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Press the button the headset once and say 'Hey Siri, call Andrew Taylor".

It is dependent on the phone it is attached to and the operating system the phone uses, not the headset. That is why it isn't mentioned in the manual. Any Smartphone should work on a spoken command. If you have a Nokia 3310, not so good. :>)

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I have one too and was told that the Jabra is slowly fading out. I had to have mine replaced twice due to the same problem. go to where you bought this item and ask for a replacement for there is a warranty on these devices.

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Hello, Annie -

The right pointing triangle (or arrow) is a universal symbol for "Play".

Best wishes.

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you can't bluetooth to mobile phone with a Jabra speak 410
you need a Jabra speak 510 instead

The Jabra speak 410 does not look like it has blue tooth
see this web site for a comparison of 410 to 510

you might be able to usb to a laptop and then use mobile phone as a hotspot to connect laptop to mobile phone via Wi Fi and use the mobile phone as a mobile data connection and then use VOIP (line) (Skype or Zoom and video conference but mobile data costs are prohibitive might be better to use Wi FI or ethernet on laptop) . But if you want to use the speaker device on a mobile call you need bluetooth


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Online chat available now with manufacturer web site, or can put in a form with your question.


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With iPhone Siri, you just press the headset button and say Siri, send messenger message to Michael.

Siri says What would you like to say.

You say the message.

When you stop, 3 seconds later Siri says

you message to Michael says " the message is repeated ". Siri says Ready to Send

You say yes, and off it goes.

Or, you can press the microphone button and dictate and then press the Send button.

Also works with WhatsApp and Text messages

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Go to tools or tools and settings. Scroll down to blue tooth setting. Make sure the Bluetooth is on and near you phone, The phone should recognize the bluetooth and will ask if you want to pair them. Just click yes and it should work.

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Sorry FIXYA has no idea what might be wrong other than it might need a new battery.check with the manufacturer's website

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In this site https://autoneed.it/bluetooth-auto/ they say Jabra Freeway is the best bluetooth device for cars. Is it true in your opinion?

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It is not at all uncommon these days for defective electronic equipment to find its way onto store shelves. If you have followed all of the instructions to the letter, you should probably consider the strong possibility that there is a defect in your unit. I have found that many, if not most vendors of electronic equipment are ENTIRELY willing to send you a replacement unit, often without even asking you to return the one that you have. I strongly recommend that you go right to the manufacturer (or, in some cases, the company that markets the product). Be VERY diplomatic in your approach. I usually say something to the effect of "I have to say that it is, of course, possible that I am simply being DENSE (please see my PS at the end of this post), but I am pretty well versed in using things like XXXXX, and I REALLY need your help to sort this out". Just withing the last year, I have had a turntable, a Bluetooth speaker and a set of Bluetooth earbuds and a Zerowater filter unit, all of which did have legitimate defects. In four cases, contacting the manufacturer resulted in a VERY nice return email, informing me that a replacement unit was being sent to me and, in ALL cases, I was not asked to return the defective unit. Mind you, I have not made up any stories. In each case there was a real problem with the product. But in no case did I have to deal with shipping any return or having to deal with repairs on newly purchased equipment. So my advice is be nice, accept the possibility that you are doing something wrong, and cast your communication as a request for HELP, not for anything else. I think you might be pleasantly surprised with how much help you are actually offered.
If there are any typos in what I have said, just ignore them, I haven't got the energy to proof what I've written here!!

(PS - WOW. What are we coming to in this country? I tried to use a word that begins with I, ends with T and has DIO in the middle, and I was informed that this word (which I was using to describe myself, not someone else) is considered PROFANITY!!! Can you believe it? I think the powers that be on this forum don't really know what profanity is, or we Americans have become much too thin skinned for our own good).

PPS - I just tried to replace that first word with a word that begins with D, ends with B and has UM in the middle. THat, too, is considered to be profanity. I am actually finding this hard to believe but, to be honest, I think it is symptomatic of much of what is wrong with American society today. I'll try a different word now. I'll try a word that begins with D, ends with E and has ENS in the middle. Here goes!!! Wish me luck!!!!

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It is possible your battery is burnt out. that is why your charging light is not working because it won't take a charge.

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  • 1.Touch Settings
  • 2.Touch Bluetooth
  • 3.Ensure Bluetooth is turned On
  • 4.Ensure the JABRA BIZ 2400 USB is turned ON
  • 5.Press and hold the O button until you get a solid blue LED
  • 6.Touch the JABRA BIZ 2400 USB in the list, If requested, enter the passkey 0000 (4 zeros)
  • 7.The JABRA BIZ 2400 USB is now paired
  • 8.The JABRA BIZ 2400 USB and the iPhone 7 are now ready to be used

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