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put a new stat in it and replace the radiator cap while youre at it

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We are FIXYA dot com. We are nothing to do with Hyundai. We just answer questions on how to fix them.

see this link for info
president of Hyundai phone number Google Search

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are you sure that it is a 1.6 motor
as 1.6 motors use a belt not a chain
your statement that it has 12 on each cam indicates that it is a v engine or a double over head engine
in any case you do not count links but put the colored links directly over the sprocket dots
you have to use a cam locking tool to get it right

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Do a factory reset and see if that works.By the way Irish is english

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I have always had good luck with DVI to HDMI converters. My advice would be to find another monitor and see if it works on that. If it does, then you know the signal is getting through. It might be a setting on the PS3 as well. I'm only familiar with PC to monitor conversion.

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Without knowing what your model number is for your monitor there's no way to tell what your resolution capabilities are. But most likely you are onto the solution which would be your manager resolution is set to the wrong setting. You will need to adjust that if it is possible otherwise you'll need to get a new monitor if you want to see the correct view.

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but could be the alternator drive belt slipping or about ready to break off

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go to the manufacturer web page for the speakers and download the driver
go to control panel , audio /speakers and click on properties and check for compatibility

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Hi Mjau_beibi,
Technically, yes. It requires a level of expertise though. You would want to start by replacing the pixel panel. (Which is inside of the monitor and requires knowledge of monitor repair) - I would not recommend doing it yourself unless you are familiar with in-depth repair of components like this. Depending on the cost of the repair, it may be worth it to purchase a new monitor unfortunately. Sorry for the relatively bad news. Hope all works out! - Cheers!

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Difficult to work out what was damaged.
47mF is a very large capacity; 47000uF!

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I know of no such reset on a car radio.

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ghosting is a memory problem, the monitor has a memory chip this helps with the video rendering to display the image, the chip can over time become damaged like any other memory chip, its its read use delete type but some times it can take longer to delete this then gives you the ghost shadow. it can sometimes be the software glitching, but there is no way to fix the firm wear on the monitor as the chip is pre programed before the monitor is assembled.

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If you take to an accredited service provider you should haven't any problems, in any case a service warranty will kick in, don't go to back yard mechanics, cheapest is not normally the best solution.Good Luck

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If the rest position, that is the position that you say is 2" high, is always the lowest the wiper arms go. By that I mean it definitely doesn't go any lower during wiper operation, then on some cars you can remove the wiper arm from the motor shaft and replace it slightly lower. May not be possible on your car, but I have done it on a previous car as the motor shaft is splined like a gear cog and allows for adjustment. Just make absolute certain that the wiper doesn't go too low as this will put undue pressure on the motor action when it is forced against the car body or windshield trim.

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Your sound device is defective, front channel is inoperative. Should be checked by a radio-technician

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Did they both stop working at the same time? If so, it's likely not the batteries. The chance of both keys (I assume they're remote keyless entry) failing at the same time are very slim. Still, replacing the batteries shouldn't be that hard. If so, and the keys are still not working, it's the receiver in the car. Check the fuse for the remote key entry system first. If that's good, you probably should take it to your dealer.

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Disconnect from computer and try it on another.
might be a video card issue, disconnexion will show if this is the problem. Does it do this when the computor is off?
If it is not a computer issue then try resetting to factory default.
It might be that the screen is going but this is usually evidenced by loss of picture or darkening rather than vari-colour lines
please amend and resubmit query

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I had this problem as well. The fix was pretty simple: remove that fuse that says "amp", wait about 30 seconds, then reinstall. There may be another marked A/V system. Do the same with it. You'll have to re do your radio presets, but the sound should come back on. This effectively "re-boots" the computer driving the sound and nav system.

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You need to reset the sound system. I did it by taking out the fuse for the audio system marked "amp" and I did another marked "A/V system" (you'll have to read the owners manual for the the right fuse, but I'm guessing it's the same - I have a Santa Fe). I understand you can also reset the system by using a paper clip or ballpoint pen and pushing in the tiny recessed button by the CD player. I haven't done that, but if it works, it's certainly easier than taking out the fuses. Either way, wait at least 15-20 seconds (before releasing the button or replacing the fuse). Note: you will lose all your radio presets, so you may want to write them down.

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