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If not in bypass, likely you lost the pump drive belt, item 5 in following diagram.

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Given your detailed description, most likely the PTO switch. When it fails, turn PTO OFF and then try a firm twist and hold of the PTO switch CW or CCW and see if engine will start/run. If yes, then bad PTO switch. If no, could still be PTO switch. I don't remember if the switch pops out or if you have to remove the panel, but you need to get a visual of the switch and harness connector and see if there are signs of heat damage. Melted deformed plastic, wire insulation, etc.

Less likely is the anti-backfire solenoid. You can take the solenoid out and remove the plunger or plunger end, put solenoid back in. Then run for test. It will run fine without the plunger, but may backfire when shutdown. One other caveat if the engine kill shunt somehow has a fault and engine kill has been working by the anti-fire solenoid, removing the plunger means you wont be able to turn engine off. Just remove battery NEG cable should this happen.

I don't believe its the ignition modules as there are two and it would continue to run on one and not likely both are failing.
Could be other causes but PTO switch is first suspect to eliminate.

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Here is a site that tells the history of the chainsaw. It does not give serial numbers, only model numbers.

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You had it serviced for this issue specifically?... and they did/said what?

From 300 manual;
Note: Before plugging in, check to ensure that the foot control is of type "FR4".

So you have a new FR4 type pedal and it does not work?

It does work using RUN/STOP button at selected sewing speed?

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The new blade is likely coincidental, reinstall old blade and likely it will exhibit same hard to start. More likely its in need of service and my experience with these is they are difficult, even for the "professional".

You could try setting the idle speed a little higher and increase low speed mix (ccw) and see if that helps. If you don't use a fuel antioxidant, you should... always.

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You must check the manual... Do you have access to it? we maybe could help you locate it.
good luck

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Husqvarna Viking has the text instructions and for a couple of cover-stitch options on the Huskylock 936 page: . The link to these instructions are here: . There is also a video for setting up a triple cover stitch in the How-To tutorial. Note: the video requires Adobe Flash Player to run. The manual has a section on the cover stitch starting at page 40. This is available here:$FILE/Huskylock_936_manual_EN.pdf .

I hope the steps in one of these files helps you set up the serger.

Cindy Wells

Husqvarna... | 52 views | 2 helpful votes$FILE/Viking%201040%20x.PDF
page 16

Tension of lower thread In most special sewing cases it is sufficient to adjust only the upper thread tension. Rarely do you need to adjust the lower thread tension. If it is necessary to adjust the tension of the lower thread, take out the small screwdriver from the accessory box. Fit it in the larger screw on the thread tension spring and turn it not more than 1/10th of a turn to the left if the thread tension is too tight, to the right if it is too loose.

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No, the Scandavania 300 doesn't have embroidery stitches built in. Embroidery patterns come on a memory card; the card reader is on the side of the machine above the power switch. The machine originally came with a card with 25 "sampler" patterns. There are only 20 pre-programmed stitches, including a blanket stitch/hand-look applique stitch. See page 32 the manual,$FILE/Scandinavia300_manual_EN.pdf , for the list of included stitches. See page 20 for setting up for embroidery.

If you don't have that memory card, some may be available on E-bay. However, you'll need to check that the card is compatible with the Scandavania 300. Most of the cards I've seen on E-bay are programmable ones that require a separate reader/writer that connects to your computer. Many of the writers are not supported for newer versions of the Windows OS; the drivers weren't updated.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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Hello Ed

Three beeps indicate "attention, the set-up is not correct". Is the presser foot down?

Happy stitching

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Sounds like the bar to the choke has come out you need if possible to see the set up then it is easy has your mate got one?

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Request from Husqvarna.

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Look husqvarna up on line and find the parts you want.

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The Designer II should not be oiled by the user. As with most computerized sewing machines, it's got a sealed bearing system. You do need to clean the bobbin area and the space under the bobbin case. See page 65 of the user manual to open stitch plate to clean the bobbin area and feed dogs. Next remove bobbin case holder and bobbin case to clean under there. Sometimes the interdental brushes can get some of the lint that the sewing machine brush misses.

The manual for the Husqvarna Viking Designer II is available on the product page: . The current link to the manual is .

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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Contact Husqvarna directly to inquire.

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