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Try carefully reseating your memory modules and your video card.

HP Compaq WF1907... | Answered Yesterday

no PC stated at all HP what, a desktop or workstation"? why can you not tell what PC it is first and not that base,HP motherboard series,
3048h is not a full motherboard HP partnumber not even close. and looking them up backwards on the HP partsurfer.com is horrid hard.

the power needs on all cards nvidia is here.TPD.

the full lists of cards and TDP (watts) is here


HP Computers &... | Answered Yesterday

I added you mean (past tense?)
you put what there, TV using the VGA port on this old PC,? or what, what monitor/tv is it make model
what cable, vga/dvi/hdmi/dp.?
One can have endless types of video cards in that desktop.

11 year old PC, i bet the RTC coin cell is dead, that old.
Running windows Xp the virus magnet?
the failures on all PCs this old desktop. are
bad RTC coin cell battery , a $1 fix.
bad HDD, they don't last this long if used everyday.
the OS is corrupted or installed wrong, or updated wrong.
The usage of hdmi adaptor from VGA to HDMI TVs can can fail or not work right unless upgraded to ones that do work right.'
PC overheating , ever clean it out of dust and lint this decade?

HP Compaq... | Answered 3 days ago

first off why in the world post a PC lacking then HP model number of the PC, the books are published free by PC maker, HP, and model. 7years old max. can run Intel Core i7-3770 processor:.
gen 3 processors./

not mobo # the book assumes you didn't lose the cables in the case, must I assume you lost the case and cables or bought the mobo nakedd In a garage sale>??
Lucky for you one guy on ebay sells this mobo missing the PC, and discloses this fact. (HP model)
here is what he said.
HP Compaq Pro 6300 6200 SFF Desktop PC

its and old Compaq relic PC. small form factors is worse of the form factors.
your support page is here, this is all there is....


you said front panel what does yours do?
lost the front panel HP P/N :#636926-001 sure.
why not just buy the panel and end all this pain,?
the cables and pinout are all 100% custom HP cables.
so if you lost the cable, they have no pin out in the books
they do not sell Motherboards NEAT, to put in alien cases.
they only go into HP cases. with HP cables and the cables are keyed so the only go one way.

lost this you did.
fpc-0pf3ovn4boejwup4vsgi0rjv-4-0.jpghP does document pins on my HP workstations, but not this PC.

next time buy a Asus, MSI or Gigabyte motherboard that as all these facts, all do, in fact

HP Computers &... | Answered on Apr 18, 2019

reinstall the driver, if the touch pad has a massive wear then replace the entire touch pad.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Apr 18, 2019

Yes. I'm assuming your printer has the old style Winchester plug instead of a USB jack. It's called a USB to parallel adapter or a USB to printer adapter.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Apr 18, 2019

model 21 is not a complete model number, sorry.

the service tag tells you that. look find it and write that down
or run Hwinofo32.exe free, and see if VT(x) is there.

turn It on in bios. (no 2 bios the same ,means YOU LOOK)
some processors have others not,.
unless you know your processor real model number , there is no flat answer possible.
other than the program listed above.
best I CAN tell counting 105 AIO PCs ,you have a

the PAVILION not stated. name.
guessing I am, you model is not fully stated
hp all in onemodel 21

HP Pavilion 21-a000 All-in-One Desktop PC seriesTHIS IT?
your page is here


lots of sub models, and processors fitted
one is G3220T intel.
so when you learn that number
go to wiki below and see if Vt(x) is a features.

or here and shows limited support

in the run box type system information
then see what processor you have.
then look here.
if PC is modern it has CORE(tm) intel processor


go there and see if VT(x) is supported, many are not. for sure the cheapest processors.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Apr 17, 2019

buy a keyboard. (sold on ebay)
HP does not sell them on such and old laptop. now.

they are sold by language/country , up to 100 different ones per PC model...
so remove the keyboard, read the number on the bottom
and then match that to KBD sold on fleabay.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Apr 15, 2019

try accession bios by F5 if this went through you need to reload OS.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Apr 13, 2019

are you using turbotax?
no method stated, by you.!

using IRS 1040 forms, with PDF fill in's?
but you need to go to, your stock brokers web site and down load them first. then you have them .

HP Computers &... | Answered on Apr 13, 2019

no PC stated

NO OS stated, is this virus magnet XP?

no meaning of UNDO, stated, no hints no clues
no PC good ,bad or ugly symptoms stated, (impossible to help)
1988 to 2013 are the years!
The PC has service tag.
with full; model number stated clearly on it.

Compaq SLT/286


HP Computers &... | Answered on Apr 13, 2019

I assume you mean VOB. I have not heard of a VOD file...

If you have gotten your hands on a VOB file somehow, chances are they have been copied/extracted from a DVD. VOB stands for DVD Video Object and is the core file of a DVD containing the actual movie data, an MPEG movie stream and the supported audio.
To play the VOB files, you need to have a DVD player that supports VOB format. However, if you have the Windows Media Player (version 12 or higher) or VLC Media Player, it is good enough to play the file. Note that you will see a prompt telling you that it is an unsupported format, don't worry about it and just play it anyways. It will play just fine.
If you want to obtain the VOB file from a DVD for some reason, just open the DVD in Windows Explorer instead of playing it through a media player. The VOB file would most likely be under the VIDEO_TS folder. Some other files that you will also see in the folder are IFO and BUP. The IFO files are the information files containing meta data about the DVD and instructions for the DVD player on how to handle the disc. The BUP file is simply a backup copy of IFO files.
If you want to convert VOB file to AVI or a similar format, aviNET is a great tool to do that

HP Computers &... | Answered on Apr 13, 2019

There is commercial programs like dvd region free

15 day trial at

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Apr 10, 2019

Google (hp)(CRVSA 02T1-90)(manual) without parens.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Apr 10, 2019

13 year old desktop.
both fans dead, PSU and CPU.
that is total power failure.
and is common with ESD events. (or stick in sleep mode or hibernate mode ( even chip latch up is possible)
to cure any desktop PC,
we do this.
remove the line AC CORD.
LET THE PC sit for say 1/2 hour. (we are discharging CAP.'s now)

if that fails, get new RTC coin cell battery,
yours if original is no good. and if bad, the BIOS goes nuts.
the life span is 7 years on the RTC battery, so you are getting near 2 times that, why use such and old battery in any PC, for sure that old.?????
then with new battery , go in to bios and click set bios defaults.
now the PC will boot to HDD.

MT version.


HP Computers &... | Answered on Apr 10, 2019

you will need something like "Vso DivXToDVD 0.5.2 software" tp convert from your current format to one which your "standard" DVD player will read.

See this Webpage for directions and download details


enjoy the show

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Apr 10, 2019

Outlook and Outlook Express both report that error number when they can't find or connect to your mail server.
Understanding what's happening is fairly easy. Fixing requires some additional information.

I'll focus here on Outlook Express, but similar steps are appropriate for Outlook as well.
Typically you'll see an error message much like this:
oemailservererror.png Unfortunately, many people seem to fixate on the error number at the end - 0x800ccc0d. While that can be useful, and it's easy to search on, they're missing all the additional information that Outlook is providing in the error. Specifically, this:
The host 'wrongmailserver.com' could not be found.
That's a big clue as to what's going on. Your email account is configured to retrieve email from the server 'wrongmailserver.com' (a fictitious server I made up for this example), and Outlook Express cannot connect to that mail server.
Step one? Make sure you can connect to anything else on the internet - any web page will do. Error 0x800ccc0d can occur because you're not connected to the internet at all, and visiting any random web page simply verifies that your internet connection is working.
If your internet connection is not working, that has nothing to do with Outlook, Outlook Express or error 0x800ccc0d. Your mail failure is just one symptom of not being connected to the internet.
If you are connected, step 2 is to validate your Outlook Express account configuration. Specifically, if you click on the Tools menu in Outlook Express, then click on the Accounts menu item, and then in the resulting dialog box click on the Mail tab, you should see something like this:
oeaccountsdialog.png "If the Incoming Mail (POP3): setting is wrong, then error 0x800ccc0d can result." If you have more than one account, you may see multiple items in the list. Click on the one with which you are having trouble and click on Properties. In the resulting dialog box, click on the Servers tab and you should see something like this:
oeaccountproperties.png Note the arrows pointing at the two instances of the mail servers you would be using: one for POP3 (incoming email) and one for SMTP (outgoing email).
If the Incoming Mail (POP3): setting is wrong, then error 0x800ccc0d can result. In fact, the error message you got originally, "The host 'wrongmailserver.com' could not be found." is telling you that the mail server specified here could not be contacted.
So, what do you do?
I can't tell you what this setting should be, because it varies from ISP to ISP. What I use is different from what you use. So, you'll need to double check the information you were given from your ISP to see what they said your mail server name should be. Make sure you've entered that exactly. In fact, it probably makes sense to double check your entire configuration while you're here.
It's also possible that your mail server may simply be down - the ISP could be having trouble, for example, or the ISP could have changed mail servers. You'll need to contact your ISP to determine if this is the case, and whether or not they have an alternative mail server you can use, or how long you might need to wait for things to be fixed.

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Apr 08, 2019

In HP prolliant server sets, setup also logs system events. This error is due to that log. Enter setup, trace log and clear all events.

HP Compaq... | Answered on Apr 08, 2019

open up your burning program depending on which burning program you have you can select either dvd or cd to burn an iso or make a cd/dvd movie once you have made your choice a browser should open navigate to your video file/s select it you might have to select an iso
((will depend on which burning program you have)) add to you should a graph oh how many mbs have been used once it loads select burn
if you dont have any burning software to burn dvd's
there are plenty of free burning software programs on the internet

Burn4Free CD and DVD is a burning solution that's compatible with more than 3,000 DVD, Blu-ray and CD burners. Burn data and audio from different file types (WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, FLAC, WavPack, and CDA). Burn and save ISO files, open and save your project to disk, verify content, print compilations, copy DVD, copy BLU RAY and import your audio compilation from M3U and ASX playlists. The drives supported include dual-layer DVD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM, BD-R, BD-RE (SCSI, IDE, EIDE, and USB 1.0 and 2.0).
hope this helps you

HP DVD1040e... | Answered on Apr 07, 2019

HP server ML350 G3 won't boot, red internal health LED
2004 time stamp in the manual, so is 15 years old, (a relic really)
and old Generation 3.
1: does the 2 fans blow, 1 in PSU , and CPU ? this be first.
sounds of that is first or you have no power or PSU is bad.
(most the time)
2: does the screen show anything, at all?
like (no signal, no sync, vga cable not connected, or the like?)
or is the screen dead,. 100% dead
ever change out the RTC coin cell inside, they don't last this long,
did you know that?
14 year old coin cell is impossible to be good. a $2 fix too.
if the coin goes bad the BIOS goes nuts, due to loss of data
in the NVRAM the coin cell powers.
replace that then do a BIOS reset, and now it ill boot to HDD 0
if and if HDD is good and if the OS is not corrupted, none stated.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Apr 04, 2019

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