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If the off button doesn’t respond and cut it off, replace control / clock.

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Usually on inside back wall of oven up near top

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it very well is the door switch might be stuck. The way to unstick it is to slam the door. Very often it'll jar the switch loose if that doesn't work you'll need to order one. Easy to install there are youtube videos on it. If you need the part...try or
Hope this info helps a little.

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Hello Jack,

I think, your oven is controled by a timer?
If so, there is a problem with the timer. Timers are often source of problems. When I refurbish a cooker and tghe timer is gone, I never replace it. They are very costly.
You can bypass the timer. When you google on "bypass the oven timer" you can find solutions.


The link I sent you is just for information. Succes, Dik
Well found you when tried to bypass my timer too For

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Googling the make and model will give you a good idea.

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Gas ovens are fitted with at least one safety device and it could be it has failed.

The safety device is bypassed while the pilot light is lit. The pilot light heats a thermocouple bulb which switches the gas on to the burner. As long as the pilot light continues to heat the bulb gas will continue to flow - until the thermocouple fails, they aren't long-lasting...

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Request the wiring diagram directly from Hotpoint.

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If someone has answered it, two things happen.

You get an email notification to the account you logged on with.

You will see a red '1' at the top of the page where the Bell icon is. Click on the Bell and a box drops down with info.

Self cleaning oven programs are a pain. They burn out elements and very often after the cycle, the door won't open.

If the oven isn't heating up now, it has burnt out the elements and they need replacing.

If the door won't open, try flipping the breaker for 30 seconds.

i found your question. Flip the breaker to reset.

I started the self cleaning oven but because of breathing issues, I shut it off after running about 45-60 minutes. Light is blinking off and on then stops then blinks again. What should I do?

Finally, if you get an answer, and to want to reply, click COMMENT under their post.

started the self cleaning oven but because of breathing issues shut it off...

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Hello Michael Smith,

You MODEL number only came through as a
PARTIAL ... (so I filled in the rest (assuming USA)):
RGB745 ... wea2ww

Please note:
Accordingly... you will have to VERIFY the part.

Part and video guidance are available here:

Third item on the page "heat sensor"

Hope this helps...

Carnac the Magnificent

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How to Clean the Oven Look here! I hope some of these will be helpful for you!

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Replace the switch for that element. Be sure to unplug unit beforehand.

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No it shouldn't be toast. My Amana set on the hi setting for a very dirty oven runs for at least 4hr. If oven was still heating after the 8 hrs. it should be fine. Worse thing that can happen is it may shorten the life of the heating element. The oven itself will take it.

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The difference is the colour or finish. Internally they are identical.

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We being US based have no idea on what is in UK SORRY. but quite possibly it has natural gas orfices in it and needs LPG ones

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