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All the knowledge you need to fix the problem is in service and repair which will help you to locate the problem with diagram and you will get the manual from the given link

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The service and repair manual with diagram will help you to locate and fix the problem step by step on your own and you will get the manual from the given link

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The service and repair manual will provide you all the knowledge you need with diagram to fix the problem and you will get the manual from the given link

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I would ask a Honda spares department.

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Pulling too much juice or you have the wrong size fuse. Check your ground wire for damage or rust. Use a small wire brush to clean and reseat.

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Hi, Niko derestrict is a negative term rider's use to express their wish to improve performance on their bike or scooter. Depending on the country and motor vehicles laws some bikes and scooters are designed to conform with said laws and their performance is slightly lower than other countries. All vehicles in the world are designed to perform at 75-80% of their maximum potential, this ensures the longevity of the engine. Derestricting or improving performance is always possible on any vehicle but the tradeoff of engine longevity numbers go down, how much depends on the number and type of performance upgrades. Your local dealership or reputable independent shop are best equipped to provide you with technical data and willingness to comply with your needs.
For more information about your issue and valuable "FREE" downloads that you will need for viewing or printing please click on the blue links below. Good luck and have a wonderful day.
Honda VT600C Shadow VLX Service Manual
Honda VT600C Owner Manual

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Have your alarm main box checked or replace, it may be
worn out already

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Hi there's this website something like reliable-store and it is very amazing for manual for repairing servicing anything
someone on fixya recommended it to me and I thank him even today
They have full manuals and it's verrrrry cheap and mine
I got free in offers
3rd time I bought it, I also had an issue with the file so the girl replaced it in 30 mins
there is one website more but i don't remember its name it was 2 years back bitman something link this
Try these out brother

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try to replace the alarm main box, it could be damaged already.

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Is this for the alarm or the emergency fuel pump switch?

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Sounds like you are not getting enough gas. Check the fuel filter and change if plugged. Also, you might have gotten bad gas.

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There's a website that has all this information about all this and manuals everything totally free there are many actually but I personally like few .. let me know if u need help

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better get the VALVE timing/clearance checked and adjusted

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Time to go back to basics and ensure the ignition timing is correct. Remove the spark plug and highlight the timing mark or make a mark on the flywheel/rotor that indicates a few degrees BTDC and use a stroboscope to ensure the marks are approximately in line when the kickstarter is operated fairly vigorously.

Could be something has been fitted wrong or has been damaged. The electrics/electronics are fairly complex and I am not familiar with the model. I don't know how the ignition is triggered for instance, but I once encountered a 2-stroke that had seized but refused to start after the rebuild. The engine had stopped so suddenly the flywheel (rotor) had kept going for a very small amount of time and had become twisted so the relationship between the hub/crankshaft keyway and spark timing had been lost. A replacement flywheel was fitted and it started first kick...

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