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Install a 75 micron fuel filter into the fuel line coming from tank. Make sure fuel line to carb (from on/off valve ) is not obstructed. There should be a steady continuous stream.

Loosen or remove fuel cap (as a test) to see if that helps. If runs ok without fuel cap, replace fuel cap,

If fuel cap doesn't help, turn off fuel and remove fuel bowl, turn on fuel. Again there should be a steady flow of fuel. If not, remove float and inlet needle and clear obstruction. Reinstall needle, float and fuel bowl. If still wont run properly, order a chinese replacement carburetor ($15 US delivered) and replace carb. Then drain fuel from tank and fuel bowl end of every season.

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If belt is ok, then likely the rear wheel dogs have seized. Review the following PartsTree diagram, what they call ratchet key item 3. .
When the mower is off, you would normally hear the dogs click as you pushed the mower. These get dirty from debris and then rust up and seize (no longer click). Once seized, the transmission drive shaft just spins inside the drive gear. Remove bolt wheel and wheel to access and clean out all the dirt and debris. Inspect inside side of rear wheel and verify wheel gear is in good condition. If all looks good then onto the drive gear. You could try penetrating oil, but if dogs are seized you'll likely need to remove the gear... the key is spring loaded so take not to loose the key and spring. They're small pieces and once they launch they may be lost forever.
I don't remember if the "cover" has to be removed. If it does, there are a lot of small parts, be careful not to loose and keep in correct order. Consult diagram frequently.

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carb is probably clogged inside passages. oh also shut of the dang cap lock

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Your manual should have that information if you do not have one then

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K46 TUFF TECH Oil 187Q0899000 10w30 Oil*

which means 10W-30 synthetic automotive engine oil.

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Tuff Torq transmissions take a multi grade engine oil
10w-30/10w-40 will do fine, if it has a reservoir do no over fill or when the oil gets hot it will expand and leak out through the top

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has it been long while since it ran last? Sounds like the carburetor infusure is gummed up (carburetor). Ethanol gas is the main headache to ALL carbureted engines. The country needs to say goodbye to the useless ethanol

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You have 1 of 3 possible issues; a dirty carburetor, a clogged fuel line or your ignition module (attached to your plug wire) is going. If you can start the engine back fairly quickly it's probably the fuel. If it takes 10-20 minutes to restart, the ignition module.

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Make sure fuel shutoff is set properly and check flow volume into carburetor.

Likely its fuel starved at the carburetor. Given its history, I suspect a stuck carburetor float. Suggest you first try a fuel treatment such as Seafoam. If that doesn't work clean out the carburetor bowl and if that doesn't get it running right, the carb will have be removed for a proper cleaning. Be mindful of cost for carb cleaning as a brand new knock off carburetor is far cheaper than the rebuild kit + labor.

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Recommended Spark Plug: NGK BPR6ES

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Fumes can be seen ? I think you meant flames can be seen. If so, it sounds to me like you have a hole in the piston or broken rings.

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Maybe a cable or linkage broken or frozen.

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Check all areas where the grass gets sucked or thrown such as the areas under the mower. Sounds like it could be plugged some place.
Check your blades also and see if they are working properly.

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you have to hold the start button until the green light comes on.

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Hi. I think you might be looking for the traditional brass flat head screw that is typically found and used to adjust engine idle. This carburetor should have a black plastic knob that you turn to change idle speed. Look where the throttle cable attaches to the cam wheel on the carb. The knob I mentioned earlier makes contact with that throttle cam. Please write back if there are any other questions. If by chance I misunderstood your request please provide more details regarding the problem. Also photos can be a big help too since sometimes different carbs are installed.

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Pulling the trigger or releasing it will make a sudden change to the load on the engine.
If the engine cuts due to a sudden load change it might be the governor isn't responding quickly enough or more likely the carb is either partially blocked or maladjusted, though there is the possibility the spark might be weak or the spark plug worn.

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