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If it's on a Ryobi Generator then it should be a real Honda Engine. It's possible that it's a knock off or was replaced with one. If you bought it new from a reputable source then it's real, if it's used or came from an offshore source for a really low price then it's a good possibility that it's a kkoxk off. In all honesty, from my experience they do a great job with the knock off engines & they're usually reliable and last a normal life span similar to a real name brand.

Either way, that mechanical Issue Remains, I'm assuming you're refering to the valve being stuck and basically keeping the engine locked up and not allowing it to the over when attempting to start it. Sounds likely. Did you take the spark plug out and turn it over to see if it'll turn over at all to ensure it's not just totally locked up? My suggestion would be to Remove the valve cover and spark plug so that you can see the valvetrain in action when(if so) it is turning over and observe it to see if your valve theory is correct!

Thanks and good luck my friend, see the infinity below please, have a great day!

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The Honda 5.0 gc160 owners manual calls for an NGK BPR6ES for proper heat range. Should be available at any Lawnmower shop or online at ebay

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I would suspect that the inverter is fine and would look towards carburetion. The inverter, in addition to supplying the correct voltage and current, monitors the current being drawn by your connected load. It controls that stepper motor on the top of the carburetor and increases the throttle to increase the engine power to support the load. (Mechanical power in = electrical power out.)
Start the generator and then add a small load to the outlet, 100 watt light bulb or something. I use a space heater that I can turn on just the fan. See if it still stays running. Then increase the load (with my heater I go from fan only to the first level heat 1000w) and watch the top of the carburetor to see if the inverter increases the throttle to compensate for the increased load. By the sounds of what you are describing, it will go to full throttle and the engine will die because of a restriction on the available fuel. If that is the case, take the carb off and clean it. Or if you are not the carburetor rebuilding type, buy a new one.. they are only about $80. Not a bad fix for a $2000 generator :)

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use your car battery and jump it. you cannot get too big a battery. big is better.

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Verify that the double gang circuit breaker is good on both sides. Check for loose wire on breaker or receptacle.

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sounds like a dirty carb inside. try running some fuel system cleaner or seafoam through it before tearing it apart

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Likely a valve stuck open. Pop the head off and verify. If so, try to free it by spraying a a light oil around the valve stem and possibly rotating the valve to free it. If you damaged the head gasket removing the head, it will have to be replaced. Be careful to torque the headbolts symmetrically so as not to crack the head. There will be a troque spec but I do not know what that is.

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These breakers have remote trip built-in to them.
It is connected so that when the voltage regulator goes bad, it will prevent the exciter winding in the generator from burning up. Just a new voltage regulator should get you going.

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i thought id answered this, if there is an eye glass check the oil level mate, its normally below one of the handles, sometimes you can screw the eye glass off and top up

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It depends on if its over voltage or undervoltage. I would check the governor linkage and throttle settings while using a volt meter and a 100W incandescent bulb.

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