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Your motherboard MUST have a SATA 3.0 port. It is usually blue or look closely on the motherboard to see where the 3.0 port is located. If your motherboard doesn't have a 3.0 port your hard drive won't be any faster than a normal hard drive.

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You may have to up the power supply wattage to cover all the extra load you have with all the drives you have

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Hi, if you can hear the drive spinning up but then making a clicking noise this means the heads have failed, this would need to be opened up (ideally in a clean room), if the platters are okay you can replace the heads... but if your data is precious to you I would reccomend sending it to a data recovery company Digital Recovery ( are fairly good.

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Easy, just hook up old drive as secondary and new drive as primary. Copy what you need from the secondary onto the primary. When you are done, just disconnect the secondary drive and enjoy your new one.

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Update your ms Drivers and Service pack.

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Hard drives repairs is not a DIY job because they need to be opened in a clean room environment.

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Are you putting the type of CD's it accepts?

Many burners will only accept specific disk types, such as most won't accept RW. That could be the possible issue in this case, what kind of burner are you using? If you post the model I could tell you what kind of disks it accepts.

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if the hard disk has crashed and the sound when it runs later he failed to be detected by the system, it is difficult to restore the data in it because it was not detected by the computer. The cheapest way is that you replace with only secondhand.

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test all leads that attach to your hard drive including electrical extensions, SATA

the leads from your ((motherboard to your hard drive)) make sure they have a secure dust free connections and are not faulty

make sure all leads that are attached to your drives dvd\cd have secure connections and are not faulty or just replace them they could be faulty ?

make sure the CPU central processing unit has thermal grease and a dust free secure seating

even something as small as an electrical extension or a faulty fan lead can cause this problem computers need all of the data and electrical current to travel through every working device and to have an end for a computer to be able work properly

could be a memory dump you might have to many programs running at one time putting to much stress on the CPU not having enough ram will do this

might be getting to hot make sure the CPU has a dust free secure seating and has THERMAL paste

if you right click in the bottom toolbar select task manager applications you will see whats running also processes you will see whats ticking over if you see something running that should not be select end now you might even uninstall that program and some unnecessary programs

check your computer ram and cmos battery to make sure they are securely seated and the battery has plenty of charge

some motherboards cmos batteries are soldered in

hope it helps

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You may want to go to the website below and download the Free Stellar Partition Manager Demo. The demo version allows you to delete, format, hide and reveal a Mac partition. Here's the link:

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If the operating system can't format the hard drive then the chances are that the drive is either failing or Failed.

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if it does not see the hard disk on installation or means you do not have the ahci (or raid ) driver installed ..and the laptop is set to run in this mode..but was installed without them ..the easy fix is go to bios ..look for the hard drive ,. and disable the ahci function for it ..and let it work on sata as ide ..or ide compatible ..or something like that ..anyway but not ahci settings with F10 and restart and if you have a working windows on it will boot proper and that's all ..if you do not have the can now install it further ..
The other option is to install windows from a usb flash ., and use the drivers disk in the drive ..and when it gets to the point where you select the partition will ask for 3rd party drivers and you can select them on the disk and install ..or it will take them auto ..and this way you will have an installation of windows with the ahci function on ..and will be a little faster
have a nice day and don't hesitate to ask for future guidance ..
please rate my answer ..

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if you want to set a master / slave on you computer
During the boot process you will see on the screen to press a certain key to enter setup
Press and hold that key during the boot up process to enter BIOS the scroll down to advanced bios features press enter change your first boot device to IDE-1 means Pri slave escape then press f10 to save to cmos to restart
you will have to have master with slave set up
you can find the jumper location next to the power on a hard drive and the settings for plastic jumper location is usually printed on the top of a hard drive
IDE-0 means Pri master
IDE-1 means Pri slave
IDE-2 means Sec master
IDE-3 means Sec slave

single or master :::::
master with slave ::'::
slave :::':
note the plastic jumper is

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Hi there.

Since your hard drive is a SATA drive, there is no such thing as master and slave drive anymore.

All you need to do is plug it into your new computer (assuming there is an extra slot for a hard drive in there). You will need an extra plug from your power supply that will plug into the hard drive as well as a SATA cable that will plug your hard drive into the motherboard.

Another thing you can do is get an external hard drive enclosure and put it in that. Just make sure you get a SATA one, not an IDE one. I hope this helps.

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