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Some fixya user told me a website reliable-store it is very good.. I used it to repair my shredder it had some spark issue which wasn't easily fixed. you can go there and try

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You do not need to "flush" the AC system, but you will need to put a vacuum pump on it to evacuate all of the air before charging with new refrigerant and the recommended amount of oil charge. It appears that the refrigerant is R-134a and the system takes 48 ounces for a front and rear system or 29 ounces for a front only system. The specified oil is PAG46 and you will need 8.5 ounces for a front and rear system and 7.5 ounces for a front only system. The first link below is the specification page and the second is a video showing how to charge the system. The big parts chain stores will loan or rent the necessary tools and will be happy to sell you the refrigerant and lubricant.

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There's a website that has all this information about all this and manuals everything totally free there are many actually but I personally like few like reliable-store .. let me know if u need help

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The maximum battery charge voltage for modern Lead Acid batteries is 14.4volts. Anymore and it may damage the plates causing a discharge condition due to lead oxide shorting out the plates.In my 1958 Series 1 Land Rover, I removed the plates from the glass battery box and cleaned them, refitting and sealing with pitch. Filling up with fresh acid and a recharge cures that issue.Modern batteries do not allow for that due to the mass production.Repair the overcharge issue first, then replace the battery.

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Your best bet , take it to a qualified repair shop . Problem with electronic throttle control , do you know what that is ?

Could be sensor in gas pedal or throttle body , or wiring or computer or etc... etc.... Don't go by the problem this vehicle has ,could be a number of other thing's .

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Battery needs to be replace...test is not accurate...

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DTC P0497: Evaporative Emission (EVAP) System No Flow During Purge
Circuit/System Description
The control module tests the evaporative emission (EVAP) system for a large leak, or a stuck closed EVAP canister purge valve. The control module monitors the fuel tank pressure (FTP) sensor signal to determine the EVAP system vacuum level. When the conditions for running are met, the control module commands the EVAP canister purge valve OPEN and the EVAP vent valve CLOSED. This allows engine vacuum to enter the EVAP system. At a calibrated time, or vacuum level, the control module commands the EVAP canister purge valve closed, sealing the system, and monitors the FTP sensor input in order to determine the EVAP system vacuum level. If the system is unable to achieve the calibrated vacuum level, or the vacuum level increases too slowly, a DTC sets.

Diagnostic Aids
• A loose, missing, or damaged fuel fill cap can cause this DTC to set.
• A stuck closed, blocked, or restricted EVAP canister purge solenoid valve, can cause this DTC to set.
• A blockage or restriction in the EVAP canister purge solenoid valve vacuum supply hose, EVAP canister purge solenoid valve purge pipe, EVAP canister, or vapor pipe, can cause this DTC to set.
• A temporary blockage in the EVAP canister purge solenoid valve, purge pipe or EVAP canister could cause an intermittent condition. Inspect and repair any restriction in the EVAP system.
• To help locate intermittent leaks, use the J 41413-200 Evaporative Emissions System Tester (EEST) to introduce smoke into the EVAP system. Move all EVAP components while observing smoke with the J 41413-SPT High Intensity White Light. Introducing smoke in 15 second intervals will allow less pressure into the EVAP system. When the system is less pressurized, the smoke will sometimes escape in a more condensed manner.
• To improve the visibility of the smoke exiting the EVAP system, observe the suspected leak area from different angles with the J 41413-SPT .
• Observe the Freeze Frame/Failure Records vehicle mileage since the diagnostic test last failed may help determine how often the condition occurs that caused the DTC to set. This may assist in diagnosing the condition.

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Sounds like a bad ignition key module. Should be on the steering column hidden under some trim.

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I take help from online websites that have this service like helping in repair some like reliable-store have instant help.. others are a bit slow which I don't prefer... rest is up to u.. U can also get free manuals

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Does it have manual or automatic climate control system ? Vin C or K 4X4 or 2WD ? Heat shuts off ???? You mean the heater blower motor stops blowing air out of the vents ?

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Cud b flaw in harness wiring from age or vibration. Mite hava module issue. Swingit into a partstore..freehelp

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Check you ignition Control Module. It sits under your coils.

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Some fixya user told me a website reliablestore it is very good.. I used it to repair my shredder it had some spark issue which wasn't easily fixed. you can go there and try

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