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First problem is as good as windows 7 is it is no longer supported. The hardware on the older machines are giving out as well. Every step forward on Windows 10 is another step backwards for Windows 7.
IF you are not able to upgrade then the most likely problem is the RAM has failed.

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13 years old now.
Who is your ISP post that first.
who is your internet service provider and location.
here is your PC sold in Italy, very old PC.


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endless reloading THE NEW OS?

NO PC stated, at all,just GW,


THEY ARE SUPPORTED ONLY. UNLESS RUNNING LINUX, can't be stopped is Never true. ever. .
so I guess you are asking how to fresh load windows, clean and so that windows itself is not preloaded with virues, as seen on TORRENT Pirate WINDOWS INSTALLER disks. (THE ENDLESS STORY THAT)


if asking why , clean windows work, perfect , then later clients keep getting it infected, that is from reading spam, and clicking attachments and email links or worse going to phorn sites.

if PC is old run w7-32bit load MSE, MS antivirus is free, an educate your clients.

do not run XP,
nobody does now but the last guys sitting in a BAR at 4 AM... die hard's like him,GI joe! HE is wise. WHY ,READ!

cant be stopped.? the bull snorts, AND SAYS:

1: run top AV (AntiVirus SW)

2: set mail up for no attachments and text only no HTML

bingo mail safe. ok? it's not hard at all ask, (just do it)

3; setup your PC for safe browsing, with full phorn, blocking.

4: run Firefix v60+ it has built in protections. for many known dangerous web sites.

5: keep the windows firewall 100% up (w10 best)

6: keep the router firewill ports ALL OFF and dead 65k ports incoming OFF.

7: educate users. on how not to DL software with out first running

8: get software from only the official makers sites, do not use (joes nasty software download dot com)

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Gateway DX4831 Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP

Download the latest drivers for your Gateway DX4831 to keep your Computer up-to-date. ... Description: Scan your system for out-of-date and missing drivers. Version: 8.5, File Size: 2.33M .... Intel(R) 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family PCI Express Root Port 3 - 3B46 ยท Intel(R) 5 .... How to install a driver manually?

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This is an indication that the video card (
that is a part of the motherboard) is having issues with heat. has a program that will check the temperature of the machine to be sure. It is a free program.

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do not do that

you do know charging that battery if old CAN catch fire right>?
and is very violent and danger to you, others and your home.
the newer batteries, after 2 planes crashed from this.
are now with an internal fuse, so if you did overcharge it the fuse opens and battery is rendered useless for ever.
why not change it in the PC as the maker demands you do,.
no PC stated nor any reason for doing what you want to do.>

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I only have one thing to say about "Gateway connection" ITS THE WORSE / BADDEST CONNECTION EVER... here in my country Gateway already out of business they only last 2 years. So good luck if you plan to use Gateway connection.

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gateway nv53
but you skipped all numbers to the right of 53,
given the lack of what PC this is fully
we dont know what CPU you have nor GPU video chip
w10 i bet ill not load on this processor
even the best one m660 will not load.
the oldest one supported AMD is A-serices
like a8

are you erasing the hdd and freshloading the OS?

now data;
why not learn the name of one video file first.
then using windows start + search find that file.

or backup you users folder.
this is your logged in account name,.
where it is in there is anyones guess.
the CAMERA APP you used is unstated,nor VERSION.

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13 year old gateway that came with stinking rotten XP still running XP, last man on earth running a virus magnet? why if true,no OS posted so I ASSULMEd it same as 2005 day new. why post lacking what OS was there.? what won't start, ,no login, no desktop, IE6 dead, as all are on the web IE6 is now BANNED. if the OS runs, does it< go to control panel click system , and behold what OS you are running. this 13 year old laptops will have a huge battery now bad, and shorted remove it run on AC power, see if the PC wakes up, soon the CCFL lamps will fail., and that is the end of this notebook most are dead long ago. the CMOS battery will not last this long. ngpvf is a virus, just like all XP users have most seen are 10 or more virus on the PC why not upgrade to w7 at least. or buy used pc with w7 or higher? you PC is way too old to spend cash one, right ? sure. spend cash on working newer PC. if you dont need mobility, get a dell optiplex 990. + cheap monitor.2010 or newer both!!!! 2010 is magic year, PCs not junk that day forward, us this to BUY nice used PC. and win no bad GPUs 2008 no CAP Plegue. no CCFL back lamps from H3LL. w7 or up. only

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gateway zx6971 go to gateway homepage for the manual and see if it shows how to rest it through a series of key boot sequences, check the front lights for battery, side by the adapter for power light and front light for the hdd. If none of these turn on your motherboard needs repair. first take a multimeter and check the plug end for 19v d/c. no power light at plug in side of computer means blown power supply on motherboard.

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we know it is hard to fix PCs by reading useless posts , endless on forums.
that is because years matter and models matter
no 2 are the same, ok?
and cures are different.
my wild guess , is you read forums and see everyone yacking about UEFI and telling you to turn off UEFI, (sorry cant do that on oem pcs)
and for sure this old and is MOOT, it is a non UEFI PC.
the PC has no safeboot , disable feature so you can boot optical media , and USB media.'' its not there nor relevent at all here.

Lacking UEFI, means PC is old fashioned BIOS.
That can in fact boot from anything, (exceptions happen)
the first thing I do use take my voltmeter and read this red arrow
battery below , as after 7 years old (yours is 2 years older)
goes bad, most are 2.9 to 3.3vdc below 2.9v means it going dead fast and in all cases it will
cause TIME OF DAY and MM/DD/YY to scramble
if you see any of that wrong the RTC coin cell below is dead.
acid test. below:::::::
remove huge battery, first. (battery Pack large), snaps off bottom.
remove AC line Power pack next.
wait say 1 hour, even try to turn on PC , to discharge capacitors.
now turn on PC with AC only. leave out that useless 9 year old large battery. Until such times all other failures are cured first.

is the time and date settting wrong? bingo? RTC Dead.
ok not RTC dead battery coin..

next we do this.
most are dead this old, you know that right.?
or XP the virus magnet died, with over 700 exploits? and rising each day.?
in dog years that is 63year old HDD, (laptop years are like that)

So to test a PC next, , if the HDD is bad, or corrupted.?

what do we do , we boot Linux media. using the linux boot media.,
or get it the PC diagnosed by folks that do , in PC Repair shop.
This PC came with virus magnet XP, still running that? mess?


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its not computer
but fixya has not a gateway TV forum listing.
so here you are. and good.
what is plugged into that antenna jack on the rear of TV.
cable box
or HDTV antenna
we can not guess this.
if cable box, your cable TV service is messed up call them on the horn.
if antenna real that TV station is off line (power lost there?)
or antenna rotor dead or pointed wrong (I have this at home)
my guess is you TV cable service is messed up
or they have "problems today)call them and ask

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step one is PC silent.?
Desktop. yours is. came with VISTA OS;

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Its RAM maxes out at 4GB. The ms2285 is the midrange computer in the NV53 series. It either shipped with 2GB RAM or 4GB RAM. If it shipped with 4GB, it's already maxed out. Otherwise, you can add 2GB to it now.

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A Google search found this portion of an article that might help:

When I went to the link there were bluetooth downloads for the nv73a but not for an vn73. Two bluetooth devices had drivers so apparently you need to know which, if either is onboard.

Download and install the bluetooth driver from the link below.
Make sure the antivirus program and the firewall is turned off temporarily while installing the driver.
Go into the device manager and then remove the existing bluetooth driver from the list and then install it from the link below

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