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You may have a problem with the water pump remember that all these components are relying on each other to function properly try for any info you need

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The Frigidaire GLTF1240A clothes washer has a tub capacity of 2.65 cubic feet. Under typical conditions, based on a yearly average of 392 loads of laundry, the Frigidaire GLTF1240A is estimated to use 341 kilowatts of energy per year. Obviously, this number will vary depending on things like the size of loads that you wash, and temperature at which you wash your clothes. Also, this figure is calculated according to a test done by the US Department of Energy which takes into account the energy consumed by the washer as well as the energy needed to heat the water with an electric water heater. If you use a gas water heater you will probably use fewer kilowatt hours but you will consume gas to heat the water.

Its estimated water use is 9,806 of gallons per year. It is estimated to use 9.4 gallons per cycle, per cubic foot of tub volume. You can use this "per cycle, per cubic foot" to compare washers against each other. The lower the number, the more efficiently the washing machine uses water, assuming your clothes are equally clean after being washed in either washing machine.

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Make sure you are closing door properly and not slamming it the latch assembly tends to be sensitive at times, try selecting and then cancel

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It could be a mechanical problem. Check that the door seal is not swollen or bulged. Is the door latch tight when you close the door? Check the door latch lever for alignment and wear.

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The error code E90 is just a group error code. It is indicating a communication error between the two boards in your machine. It does not indicate where the problem may be. A power glitch may have caused the E90 error code or a loose connection.

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Pretty sure you will need the motor since that is where the bearing is located. Get the part # off the motor and search by that.

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check the cold water solenoid is allowing water into the machine,this can happen even when the machine is not in use

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To prevent clothing from knotting and twisting:
  1. Avoid mixing heavy items with light items.
  2. Avoid putting too many or too few items in the washer.
  3. Make sure you set the proper water level for the size load you are doing. ...
  4. Never wrap the clothes around the agitator. ...
  5. Be sure your wash water is not too hot for the fabric

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The dispenser may be clogged with softener residue which will have to be removed before normal dispensing can resume.

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Incredible that customer support would not have that basic information. You might have success by contacting a selling organization, thereby establishing the missing link between sales and support.

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Have you checked the drive belt and the motor brushes? Also check if there is voltage getting to the motor. Does then drum fill with water, and carry out the wash cycle fully but without the drum moving? If so it is likely to be either the motor, brushes, belt or relay pcb

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Sounds like the brushes to me they are on the motor if worn the motor won’t turn

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It's either the control panel, or the spin speed sensor (if there is one). Only someone with a multimeter will be able to tell for sure.

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F03 is heating element circuit issue and PAU is drive motor power interruption.

I would imagine the F03 could be cause by the same power issue that effects a PAU.

The list of PAU probable cause is;

Control board
Door switch
Thermal limiter
Motor problems

I see one common denominator; the thermal limit.

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