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Are you sure you don't have a Heat Pump Condenser? You don't list the outdoor unit M#? If it is a Heat Pump system the outdoor unit has to run. Here is the link to the indoor unit.

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with a meter you will need to verify motor is getting required voltage (high and low)Yes, its likely the motor but, do you put one in to see it still doesnt work?

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as long as it isnt leaking on your floor it should be fine

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if both are running you may be low on frreon, inspect for leaks before recharging.

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suspect that the start/run capacitor for the compressor is failing causing excessive current draw
have technician check it out

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manca gas

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This is a loss of communication with the main control circuit board.

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air conditioner thermostats are located at the front/top of the evaporator coil air inlet where they can monitor the air temperature coming back into the unit from the room
most are a small tube or bulb attached to the fins

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According to frigid aired error code table it is regarding a Mode Conflict Error, but without your exact model number, I can't clarify this any further except to say that you have one of the heads in heating mode & the other head is in cooling mode which creates the mode conflict squalling the E7 Error Code, I do hope this helps... But please comment further if I can assist you in any way I will happily do so....

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First thing to try is turning off the power to the machine for a minute and then turn it back on, if that does not fix it then electronics have a brain problem. I have noticed that appliances with electronic panel controls are having many problems, my washing machine electronic control panel is bonkers but never had problems with the old mechanical controls. In order to fix mine I would have to order the whole panel as you cannot replace parts, I'm sure you unit is the same.

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Maybe the surge capacitor on the fan or fan motor is faulty?

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bad heater element or temp sensor

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Do you have 240 volts at the outlet behind the stove? Should have a double throw breaker at your panel. Make sure both breakers are resetting. If that checks out then it sounds like the power dump may have gotten the control board on the stove and will have to be replaced. There is a small possibility that there may be a fuse on the board. All stoves are different.

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I am recent retiree. Contact your company HR dept first. Then start looking at Social Security Administration. There are many web sites with advice. And radio programs. Hire an advisor or utilize multiple sources and take notes. Many people out there willing to scam your money. Be careful.

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tx valve problem blockage
have it properly diagnosed by an ac specialist
check consensor fan is running is separate fan to inside fan

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have you unpluged it for a hour then tried it? give it a try.

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If you choose to use the air conditioner to cool a room when the outside temperature is low, any condensation that naturally accumulates on the cooling coil inside the unit can freeze. When the coils freeze over, the air flowing through the unit fails to cool, and in your case may have blocked any air flow. I assume you can hear the fan but get no flow?
Freezing may damage the unit. Allow the unit to defrost by turning it off and leaving it off for several hours, or even days, to allow warm air to flow through the coils and melt the ice. Of course if you live in a place like Minneapolis you might be waiting until April. But you should be able to check whether the coils are clear by removing the filter and shining a flashlight through the air-exhaust cavity. The coils are usually visible just inside. If the ice doesn't melt quickly enough, you can speed things up by pointing the hot air of a hair dryer at the coils through this opening.
I also assume since you are in apt you have no access to the exterior side of the unit to check what is going on? Or if this is a window unit just take it out of the window for awhile (granted ... that can be a pain in the you know what).
Good luck on your troubleshooting ... I think you are the right track

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