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1) Control Panel / Security & Maintenance / Recovery

E-Machines M6811... | 156 views | 0 helpful votes

Check the connectors at both ends; on the screen and on the PC. Make sure they're both properly secured.

If they are, then it may be a faulty cable, or a faulty monitor. It's possible but unlikely to be the graphics card.

E-Machines 19"... | 379 views | 0 helpful votes

The power supply could be failing.

E-Machines 19"... | 114 views | 0 helpful votes

Take the side cover off and use compressed air to clean the dust off the heatsink fins atop the processor. If that doesn't help, take any cowling off, and make sure no dirt is plugged between the heatsink fins.

E-Machines... | 73 views | 0 helpful votes

Get a Driver Pack Plus disc here:


I bought one a while back and have used it on over 50 PCs. Of course, you have to have a DVD-ROM to use it. Good luck.

E-Machines W6409... | 171 views | 0 helpful votes

I have had a similar problem a few times and in desperation the first time, I found the file on the hard drive, opened the file and began deleting the many programmes it contained piecemeal. Long and tedious work...

When I grew bored I closed the file and was able to delete it.

Trying it again on other unwanted files I found I could delete all the programmes the file contained but not the file itself.

There are clean up utilities available for download - the free versions are a bit limited but the paid for versions are reputedly quite good. I have used the free version of CCleaner for a few years without problems.

E-Machines M5105... | 43 views | 0 helpful votes

Try to connect your lap to any aux monitor. If the yellow still there either then replace video card if any. If video is embedded then replace mobo.

E-Machines 17F2... | 93 views | 0 helpful votes

I would best guess it is a bad hard drive that is an older computer and running a deep scan can finish off a dying hard drive. this is 85 percent the cause of your problem ata best guess. you need to have the internal hard drive tested.

good luck

E-Machines T6524... | 92 views | 0 helpful votes

firstly lets think why a Working pc would no longer BOOT. The boot process then. a pc starts the bios which POST's. this results in ONE BEEP which might be followed by messages(if you get several beeps then they are like morse code long/short and count out an error code). when you get your ONE BEEP the pc is working. when it then HANGS(appears to do nothing) its usually because of either a) the cd drive is duff so disconnect its cables. b) the hard drive is duff so disconnect its cables c) the hard drive hasnt quite died yet but has some very slow sectors and is making the Clackety Clack of the heads recalibrating every few seconds. d) there could be a a gpu card bios glitch and your pc is running but you just have a blank screen. some hints then 1) never start removing parts as that corrupts the CMOS(the battery backed up configuration for your BIOS) so you may need to clear your cmos. 2) never play with the idea of changing ram sticks as people usually end up putting them in any old slot(which may result in a non working pc). make sure a PAIR is fitted in slots 0/2 and a separate matching pair in 1/3 slots not in slots 0/1 which is two half pairs. Other factors. 1) a short circuit. your PSU has built in protection, if the psu fan(inside case of the psu) turns and kicks back and immediately stops you have a short circuit and its cuts the power to avoid a fire/meltdown, which could be caused by high wattage gpu(>60 watts) without its extra power cables fitted or wrongly connected front usb cables or removing a mainboard and fitting it into a new box where the board has its support posts NOT lined up with the holes fro the screws so the post is touching underside of the board circuits. hope some of that helps.

E-Machines... | 93 views | 0 helpful votes

Since Vista is a very old operating system you’re going to have quite a challenge finding tools that will solve your problem
- In this particular case you may want to go to a local PC repair shop that would have the old operating system discs you’ll need to restore
- From your description it is tough to figure out whether this is a software problem or if there is something physically beginning to fail on your machine but I can tell you from experience that with the machine of that era you have a hard drives that are at least 10 years old

E-Machines... | 116 views | 0 helpful votes

This typically is a sign of either a problem with the monitor itself, the cable, or the computer.

Fault isolation is key here. If you have access to another monitor, I would suggest connecting that to the computer, or vice versa. That way you can figure out what's broken.

If it's the computer, you might be able to purchase a replacement video card. If it's the monitor - you're out of luck, and likely need to purchase a new one.

E-Machines 19"... | 468 views | 0 helpful votes

you have to use either slots as not the same memory slots

E-Machines T5082... | 113 views | 0 helpful votes

A Google search found this:

Best Answer: Yahoo and IE seem to be incompatible right now at medium to high cookie settings. You may access Yahoo Mail with a different browser, such as Firefox. Just type yahoo.mail.com in the address bar. I am able to get through with Firefox, and I hope you can too.

Or, you can set your cookies at the lowest possible setting, and that should work too. It "ires" me to have to do this, but at least it will help you get your emails if you are browsing with Internet Explorer. You can always reset your cookies after accessing your email.

E-Machines D6405... | 27 views | 0 helpful votes

your cmos battery(CR2032) is FLAT. you need to replace it. you then need to CLEAR the cmos so it doesnt contain corrupt values. that process erases any passwords. usually the jumper is next to the battery . fit new battery. move jumper to CLR position(shorting pins) wait a few seconds. move jumper back across to NRM(normal) position. start the pc, enter the BIOS, load DEFAULTS, SAVE and reboot. enjoy.

E-Machines W3503... | 132 views | 0 helpful votes

Using another PC, download 3DP Net (http://www.3dpchip.com/3dpchip/3dp/net_down_en.php), put it in a pen drive and run it on the T5026. This program can install most Ethernet adapters even offline. Normally I would go to the manufacturer's website and download the driver from there but I could'n find this one.

E-Machines T5026... | 92 views | 0 helpful votes

You'll need to replace the Graphics Card with one that supports the OS you are using. Look to eBay for one

E-Machines T6524... | 92 views | 0 helpful votes

to boot a cd then you must have the bios set to allow it, or tap f12 immediately to intercept boot menu and choose cd. sounds like your drive has a few bad disk sectors.

E-Machines... | 33 views | 0 helpful votes

try uninstalling the key board driver and downloading the driver from the manufacturer web site
win xp and win 7 is no longer supported so win drivers are becoming a problem

E-Machines... | 34 views | 0 helpful votes

Try booting it to safe mode and see if it does it there. If it doesn't it seems like it could be software related, if it does do it there it is probably hardware

E-Machines... | 209 views | 0 helpful votes

Could be the Ac -DC adapter is faulty .
Suggest taking laptop to where you bought it and asking if they can check it with a different Ac-DC power adapter .

E-Machines M5310... | 65 views | 0 helpful votes

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