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You should get a new printer. There is most likely a bad piece of hardware where you are pressing options and its only a $119 printer. Its not worth throwing money at.

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hey am James, first thing you should do if there is a inaccessible crumpled paper jam is to take the printer cartridge off to easily access the crumpled paper, when you do that gently remove the paper.this should help you resolve the problem

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ok 960 SFF is not the same as MT or the big case MOBO.
SFF has its own mobo (motherboards)
it has 11x2 row non ATX spec, power . not yours as it has 12x2 some SFF have 2 diffr. mobo
and a dell custom PSU for just this mobo and its odd duck jack. (called PICO plug)
why not buy a new PSU? that matches this PC?
even the SFF PSU case is not ATX spec.

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that is too hot at 80 to 90C it self shuts down.
are you running the poor thing on a blank or the like blocking vents?
the vents need cleaning or all PCs over heat, a service to do every year for most folks, for sure with pets and lint max.
use only Shin Etsu grease 99% of other brands, all clones of clones are junk for sure magic silver bs names and such.
is the fan running fast , it must at that temp, is it.
does the PC slow down that to must happen.
where to you get the temp from some program that does not work with this PC? easy to do that, wrong.

intel arc says its a 2010 processor and many that old run hot
and if 83C that is too hot, if true. for sure.
page 60 in the intel data sheet shows,
max watts is 35watts,
the Core max is 90C
the gpu on die is, 85c max.
turboboost allows power rise to 35watts and if heat is too high
it slows down clocking and the chip cools .

does the fan blow hard and fast.
does the radiator next to fan , looks like tiny car engine radiator
does have all lint hidden on the inboard RAD side, clean?
most folks never think to look here.
ever see this the copper colored core here, RAD

when the core rad works it dumps lots of heat from the output of the core rad, that you hand will feel, if no heat felt there and the CPU is hot, you have bad cooling FOR SURE.

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If you are having trouble in dell laptop there must be an issue with windows installed in the computer try to update windows ASAP

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op why not tell the full story
I just bought a used vista laptop and...
or kids played with my long used laptop .and..... (ask them?)
or what?
for sure what is locked you have not stated.(no photos of screen)
boot pw
bios pw
hdd password, (impossible to crack)
or vista login password (easy)
4 different answers

here are ways to learn and find answers.
1: ask first. we are NOT THEM.
2: google all day. see up to 7 radicall ways to cure it and not one works, (a fact)
3: youtube it, make sure its your D620 model they are talking about or it will not work.

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sounds like the bios password, hint system.
why not go to and ask the are not dell
we have no back door decoders here, at fixya.

google, " support" and ask on there great forum.
one of the best of all OEM';s

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10 is 1 years old today.
so BIOS prompts at all, that is not a good sign.
Take out the huge battery first, does not run on on AC only power pack, this is step1 of 12 on any dead Laptop.
step2 : is this:
the RTC coin cell battery is not good this old. (now or soon)
it's a $1 part.

do the long hard power reset test yet?

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remove the big battery
do that on all laptops made, (DEAD PC).
batteries short, ok>? and overload the VRMs and charger chip inside the PC.
so remove the big battery first. (It is also the first thing on any LT to fail first; so yah)
a 17 year old LT, 2003, made
might even by on its 10th battery this old.
yah. The PC has no value.
so pull out the big battery
run on AC power only for next 17 years. LOL

also the COIN cell inside is no good.
THE RTC NVRAM CMOS coin cell battery does not ever last 17 year old. not ever one.
where did you find this in grandma attic or garage sale for $1 (id of walked by)
its full of lead and mercury, and has CCFL lamps
that do not last 17 years ever, so the back lamps will be dead and are scary expensive just the part to bay. $50-$100 scary, for any $1 PC

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Are you referring to the Windows defaults or something else?

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ok this is simple, out of the box vista only plays a small number of formatted sounds and videos.
what you do is simple install VLC.
end story. the French solved this problem long long ago.

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