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compaq Presario CQ60-420US
a very old PC. 7 years is not too bad, on the edge there.

what OS? windows what?
doing what what are you doing.
my guess is this is BROWSER question,
is this IE , 4,5,6,7,9,10,11
only IE 11 (if is MS class) works now, so .... what is yours that?
web sites now block older IE versions a fact.
I use firefox v56, so should you.
back to internet explorer why>
you have browser take over, infections (google bar is one)
its infected, for sure.
get Firefox v56 and run that, or newer.
there are 20 top browers and IE is not in the lest.
IE is dead now at MS. 100% dead. Edge is NOW .

if running XP or Vista and using IE you will get nothing but pain
from now on.

this PC came new with (options day 1)
vista 32
vista 64
W7 32
w7 64
if vista you are doomed.
if W7 ,get IE11 from ms and use that
in fact IE11 is required to do MS updates, or they fail
are you running AV ? antimalware? even defender?

did you upgrade to w10 mid 2015 to 2016?

never post software questions, lacking OS name.
and what browser you use.
or answers will be wrong. I promise.

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try holding ctrl and f 2 button down and then press the start button .if it goes to the bios reset it to default settings and try again .

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Plug in another monitor on the monitor output - if that monitor works then the problem lies with the laptop display. If the external monitor does not work also then the anomaly lies with the video circuits of your laptop. In either case , repair is expensive and not cost effective - better off just getting another computer.

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Ouch, if you can see anything at all on the cracked screen then your best bet is to go the local library and use one of their computers to download the required drivers onto a usb drive and then go home and install on your computer.

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does the laptop get power but not turn on?

it could be the power switch on the laptop or the ac adapter

it will need to be checked by a computer technician ask for a quote


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A microswitch at the connection (where cord connects to laptop) is failed - this will need to be replaced, unfortunately, this requires nearly full disassembly of the laptop to get to the connector, and the whole connector has to be replaced. On one (of two) motherboards used in this model, it will require part to be soldered to remove, and soldered back on... the other it's a smallish board that unplugs from the main board.

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What's the process name that is slow? Try right clicking in it and lowering the priority

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Product key for what? Where did you purchase the product key from?

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can you elaborate more please? I might be able to help

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formatting the partition will clear it
the files are hidden and you cannot see them normally..

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reset your bios sel 10 sic

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Can you rephrase the question? Not much to work with?

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Ram was your best bet on a laptop. But you can load XP onto itself so it reloads without deleting any files. However, if it still may fail. If that happens a clean install is your next step.

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Replace the keyboard with a new one. Laptop keyboards are not that expensive.

Make sure that the replacement is compatible with your computer. To know more about it, please visit the website of your computer's manufacturer.

You can also try a USB keyboard to check if the non-working keys work with the other keyboard.

I hope this helps!


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the only way to format is using the CD,before formatting download the network drive from HP so the you can download other softwares after formatting

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If you are looking for the device drivers for this laptop then -
You can download the device drivers from the Compaq/HP WEB support/download page. Make sure you select your model laptop and the Windows drivers you require and install them. Click on this link to download the drivers: -

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Try removing the battery, reboot. Try another Power cord/charger with the EXACT same power specs. Clean the Fan and Vents with a Can of Compressed Air. Does it fully boot , then shut down?

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if you can plug in with ethernet cable go to manufacturers website you should be able to get drivers there

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The Windows operating system allows you to compress the files on your drive to conserve disk space. In some situations, this compression process will compress files required for the operating system to boot. Files that are compressed must be decompressed prior to execution. Since the operating system has not loaded, boot files cannot yet be decompressed. In this case, the operating system will fail to load and a "BootMgr is compressed" message will appear. An easy way around this problem is to boot from the Windows DVD, and use the provided interface to access your drive properties and decompress it.

Turn on the computer, and insert your Windows DVD. Press a random key on your keyboard once you see the "Press any key..." message. This interrupts booting from the hard drive and forces a boot from the Windows DVD. Click the "Next" button at the bottom of the Windows 7 dialog, and then click the "Repair your Computer" link Below. File Compression and Decompression Select the "Load Drivers" button at the bottom of the "System Recovery Options" dialog, and click the "OK" button on the "Add Drivers" dialog. This opens a file browser on your screen. Click the "Computer" icon, which is located on the left hand side of the screen. This displays an icon for your disk drive. Right-click your hard drive, and click "Properties. " This opens a Local Disk Properties dialog. Click to deselect the "Compress this drive..." option at the bottom, and then click the "Apply" button. Select the "X" icon to close the file browser window. This takes you back to the Install Windows dialog. Press the "X" icon at the corner of the Install Windows dialog. This opens a cancellation dialog. Select the "Yes" button on this dialog to restart your computer. Hope this helps


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