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It should have spring loaded pressure on it and you will probably need to wrestle the column into position for the pin to go back in.

2004 Chevrolet... | Answered on Apr 03, 2019

The service and repair diagram with pictures and diagram will help you step by step to fix the problem easily and you will get the manual from the given link

Chevrolet Cars &... | Answered on Apr 03, 2019

put it on craigslist for 500 and see where it goes

Chevrolet Cars &... | Answered on Apr 03, 2019

Hi, have you tried changing the oil filter? Or check the selector where it goes directly into the box, otherwise the selector inside the "brain" of the gearbox is knackered. Unfortunately the only way to fix it is virtually a full rebuild but I'd definitely check the filter first. Regards, Neil

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Apr 03, 2019

It's probably nothing worse than a strained or broken shift linkage It'll need to go into the shop, but if it is just the linkage, it wont be to expensive. HOT TIP: Get better security on your car to stop it happening again. It'll be cheaper than fixing the damage

2008 Chevrolet... | Answered on Apr 03, 2019

seems like they are under the dash to the left of drivers knees . we have to open our eyes under there

Chevrolet... | Answered on Apr 03, 2019

About that Vette you are going to see on Saturday, check the trans oil. Look for anything unusual in the color. Smell it and see if you detect any strange odor like a burnt smell. Also, check the engine oil carefully, too. Look at the brake pedal very closely. It can tell you a lot about how the drive operated the car. Was he ******* the brake? Look closely at the lower part of the quarter panels and see if there is any damage like large nicks or dents. Take a look at the radiator front - is it clean without any damage? These are some of the areas you can check to get a better idea of the condition and use of the car.

2002 Chevrolet... | Answered on Apr 03, 2019

Sounds more like your motor is pressurised causing oil to flow out the easiest orifice. Put a compression test on cylinders if OK check valve stem seals for hardness.
But I would say you have blow by on rings.

1993 Chevrolet... | Answered on Apr 03, 2019

Usually a pressure/ flow problem , Set on level surface on stands/ jack so can't move. run vehicle to 25mph see if it shifts from 1st>2nd>N stop wheels turning with brakes while motor going shift to Park and then to reverse. If all OK check EXACT level of gear fluid when too hot to touch sump pan. You will possibly find it needs about a Quart or 1 litre to top up.

Chevrolet S 10... | Answered on Apr 03, 2019

To remove the battery on the 94 Vette, the side panel needs to be removed.The battery will slide out the side once the hold down bolt is loosened.

Chevrolet... | Answered on Apr 03, 2019

There is a computer chip on your ignition key that reads as you start it. Push the button on your ignition switch and it will come apart and you will find two little wires with a conector without them conected your secerity light will flash and will not start I lost my chip and hope someone can tell me how I can bypass it.

1995 Chevrolet... | Answered on Apr 03, 2019

Is this no start condition happening after the new fuel pump installation?If so, you will have to check actual fuel flow and pressure.You could give it a shot of quick start and see if it is capable of running with quick start as fuel.Then you will know it is a fuel delivery problem for sure.

Chevrolet Astro... | Answered on Apr 03, 2019

Remove the inner trim panel and manually trip the latch and then test the release mechanism.

2005 Chevrolet... | Answered on Apr 03, 2019

Sounds to me like a heat related issue or even a charging issue best related. If the front grill is covered in mud or dirt it will not cool the components property. Clean that. How many km on the veh ur tranny filter might be dirty. It could need chg. If jts a standard ur clutch and friction disc might be worn. Or ur fuel pump might be going and after it runs its shorting out. Is there any obd codes or chk eng light of.

2004 Chevrolet... | Answered on Apr 02, 2019

Does the battery go dead while sitting or while driving? You may have a draw problem where something is draining the battery while parked, or you may have a charging problem, or you may have a bad battery, depending on how it goes dead.

Chevrolet Impala... | Answered on Apr 02, 2019

Sounds like the car is going into limp mode which does not mean there is a tranny problem. Take it and have it hooked to a code reader, you will need to find a garage or something because the cheaper ones that are sold in your local automotive supply stores dont read the trans codes. Another option is to turn head lights on with the key NOT in the ignition and take the negative cable off the battery, then remove the positive cable, wait 10 to 15 minutes then turn head lughts OFF, recinnect the positive THEN the negative battery cables. This will reset the on board ECM.

2005 Chevrolet... | Answered on Apr 02, 2019

I think they are similar. The thing to do is go to the parts store and see if they have the sane parts number

Chevrolet Impala... | Answered on Apr 02, 2019

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