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has to be wiring. find another mechanic

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if bent and hanging /disconnected someone had and accident order the replacement parts and replace tan either an alignment shop to check that repair is safe and an alignment can be done but preferred method or repair would be a body shop for repair

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I'm afraid an 04 malibu doesn't have a fuel shut off switch, sorry.

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ABS uses only brake lines. The power brake booster uses 1 vacuum line. Did you mean PCV lines?

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You have air in the power steering lines. Was the fluid low or do you have a leak?
Car off, in park, raise your front end, both front wheels off the ground with a floor jack. Start the engine and turn the wheel all the way right and left a couple times. Add more PS fluid if necessary and do it again. Air compresses but the fluid does not. Turning left uses almost all the fluid to push the arm out of the piston. Moving it all the way right will allow the air to escape in the fluid reservoir.

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SDM airbag tech info - GM Air Bag, Black Box, EDR, Event ...
GM air bag black box / EDR / event data recorder / SDM / deployment crash data ...Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, GMC, Hummer and Saturn ... control module, pcm, event data recorder. edr, truck, airbag testing, air bag ... EDR 'black box' air bag module location list posted below. ..... Suzuki 2007-2014

Chevrolet Tahoe location air bag module Questions ... - Fixya > ... > Cars & Trucks > Chevrolet
Ask your Chevrolet location air bag module related question. Get free ... How do I fix my ABS control Module for 2001 Tahoe ... How to reset airbags in a 2007 tahoe ... Where is the Air Bag computer modual located for the 2005 Tahoe Z71?Missing: hevrolet ‎avalanche

BCM Basics 101 (03-06) - Chevy Avalanche Fan Club of North America > ... > CAFCNA's Sperry Tech Center

Aug 8, 2015 - 3 posts - ‎2 authors
The Body Control Module (BCM) performs multiple body control functions. The BCM can control devices directly connected to its outputs based ...Missing: hevrolet ‎bag

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Did you align the rotor in the dist. to #1 cylinder in the firing order if not you will not get fire to spark plugs. Is the unit backfiring when you turn it over or does it just roll over. Let me know.

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Have a proper diagnosis done by a professional who knows what he is doing. Guessing at problems and changing parts is not a sensible means to proceed.

It may well be that the internals of the transmission are badly worn and you will need a rebuilt unit installed. Just changing bits and pieces of electronic equipment and hope that works is not a solution.

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Hi Mike:
Four possibles?
1) Oil pump problem
2) Oil pressure sensor/sender problem
3) Oil pressure guage problem.
4) Bad wire connection between sensor and guage
Being really "Old School" I'd see if it is possible to install a "real" oil pressure guage so that I knew what was happening.
- If you don't have oil pressure within 10 seconds of the engine starting I would be concerned.
- How many km on the engine?
- maintenance history?
- problem history?
- Are you the original owner?
Reply as a COMMENT to this post and I'll try to help.

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Power Steering Pump Replacement « on: 05/04/07 06:28 PM » I recently had to replace the power steering pump in my 1500 Z71 Av and tried following the manual. My mistake. If anyone has to do this replacement, this is a much easier way:

1. Disconnect the battery
2. Take the upper fan shroud off.
3. Take the skid plate and whatever that plastic thing in front of the skid plate is off
4. Disconnect your power steering lines and the wire from the back of the power steering pump
5. Take the alternator out (2 bolts, one nut, one wire connector)
6. Take the nut off that attaches the right angle bracket from the power steering pump to the engine
7. Take the bracket for the power steering pump and the alternator off the front of the engine.
8. Then you can get to the power steering pump with no trouble at all. Goes back in pretty easy too.

Happy motoring. Hopefully no one else breaks the power steering pump shaft in half, but I'm sure someone will.

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Did you have a front end alignment done? If the tie rods were changed then that could be out. Bad wheel bearing?

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No sure but when I had the problem the dealer told me they need to drive the car for about 50 miles to allow the computer to cycle through all the programs. Hope this helps.

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the answers will in the fault codes when you have them read
it wiil tellyou exactly which sensor are not correct.

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Most power steering pump's fluid doesn't run thru your cooler, there is a transmission cooler in front of your radiator or built into you radiator. If there was a leak there you'd see it under the truck around the transmission lines.. or around the metal lines than run into your cooler/ radiator.

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one way to test is to use a drill and a volt meter postion volt mete leads on pinsof sensor run drill close to thend of sensor the faster you run drill the higher thereading on meter

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The neutral switch is on the steering column near the floor on the interior of the car. It is half moon shaped and screws to the steering column. Do not move anything such as the gear selector when replacing the switch. Replace it and once it is tighten down then put it in park. Hope this helps you.

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Tell the parts store the make, model, year and what part you want to replace and he/she will look the part up on there system and give it to you. Once you replace the brake cylinder you will need to bleed the brakes and get the air out of the lines and cylinders. Hope this helps.

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As silly as this may sound.....Be sure you have new oil in the crank case. I just brought my Chevrolet pickup home from the shop for a knocking noise. The oil broke down to the point that little compression was the problem. An oil change did work.

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