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The best upgrade to do first is upgrading the pitiful ground clamp that comes on these, same for any modern welder, I got one from Harbor Freight for $90, and a Lincoln for $369, both had the same pitiful ground clamp. I'll attach a picture/link to a sufficient clamp- it made a huge difference with mine! Tips and the Wire You Use can make a big difference too! Larger Wire is Helpful Too- I'm talking about larger gauge wire that runs to attaches to your ground clamp, try the clamp first and see if it helps, be sure your settings are right and you're plugged directly in to a good power source, no extension cords! https://www.ebay.com/itm/300Amp-Earth-Ground-Clamp-Welding-Manual-Welder-for-Professional-Use-175mm/132064190663?hash=item1ebfa3a0c7:g:yFoAAOSw259cTqxO

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Google (Ryobi)(100E)(manual) without parens.

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Too hot. You have exceeded the duty cycle. Remove the power and let it cool for a few hours.

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If there's fuel and you can hear coming out than it's the ignition component. They're usually piezoelectric and generate the spark through an impact of 2 material (the click when you light it). Now if it still clicks and you can see the arc travel to it's grounding point then a realignment should fix it but if there's no arc to be seen it's not worth the time or effort (unless you want to learn something new, but be careful) to fix it.

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Request the wiring diagram (not schematic) directly from Hobart.

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What is the input current, (amperage), draw of the unit? Is the outlet wiring that it is plugged into of sufficient size to supply full power to the unit? For example, if you are in the U.S. and the unit runs on 120 volts, if it draws say, 18 amps but your outlet is wired with 14 gauge wire, The voltage drop under the load of welding, which is nothing more than a dead short, might be below the minimum, operating voltage of the wire feed motor. If my guesses of these values are close or correct, an outlet wired with even 12 gauge wire would be close to the edge of it's limits. If it were my setup, I would have a dedicated outlet wired with at least 10 gauge wire which, at a reasonable length, is good for up to 30 amps. If the outlet that this is plugged into has 2 outlets, plug an AC volt meter that is set to something above your local power into the second outlet at the same location, 120 or 240 VAC. Then weld something while someone watches the meter. If it is 120 volts but drops to 100 or 90 volts or if it's 240 volts but drops to 200 or 190, then your supply wire is too small. Think of it as trying to feed a garden hose with a fire hydrant. This condition will not necessarily blow your circuit breaker either. If it is fused at 15 or 20 amps, 1) You aren't welding long enough to build enough heat to pop the breaker and 2) if this outlet is a fair distance from the fuse / breaker box, it would be a good bet that a lot of the heat needed to pop the breaker is being built up inside the wall in the wire's resistance rather than at the breaker where it is needed. Good luck.

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Before you start looking for spark try to clean the main jet in the carburetor. !. Drop the float bowl.insert a screwdriver in the tube in the bottom of the carburetor and unscrew the main jet with it removed clean it with a brass brush and carburetor cleaner. Make sure all ports are open. reinsert and attach float bowl. enable gas flow and try to start. if it still fails then investigate the spark issue. Remove the plug and with the spark plug wire attached reduce lighting , place spark plug on engine block and pull starter with the on off switch on, watch plug for spark. If no spark its either the plug or coil/ the plug is easier to replace so try a new one. if still no spark then replace the coil.

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Check inside for a fuse, fusible link, or a small "breaker". Unplug it and let it cool down fully(overnight if possible) and then open it up and take a look!

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ESAB Fabricator 141i Multi Process Welding System (W1003141) NEW is only $650 Go NEW! Warranty, New unit will work for several years. Best bet!

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you need to add oxygen flow to the acetylene flow! something is blocking the additional air/oxygen flow, check it! [if what i've guessed is you having an acetylene torch you want to get running]

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Return it for another on or call Hobart customer service. Number is listed in the instructions that came with unit. Page 7-7

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Faulty earth make sure the cable and clamp are making good contact at the workpiece.

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