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You can donate them; Nike Reuse-A-Shoe program ( accepts donations of all athletic shoes that don't contain metal. The shoes are converted into athletic surfaces (running tracks, soccer fields, basketball courts) that are sent to underserved communities around the world. And One World Running (oneworld); previously Shoes for Africa) will send your new or gently used shoes to athletes and children in Africa, Mexico, and South and Central America.

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This might work - Hold the bypass switch for five seconds and follow the on screen instructions to calibrate the expression pedal. If that doesn't work you could also try doing a back up and then a factory reset. You may also consider a separate wah pedal. There are many recommendations at:
What Is The Best Wah Pedal For The Money Our Answer For You

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there is not much hope for a solution to this problem as it is common to all shoes sold
Why adidas will not help is that they and all shoe manufacturers are aware that all shoes have a shelf life and if the shoe is not used in a short period of time after manufacturer the material used starts to break down and become unstable
it is the movement of the sole that sets the material and produces a long wear period but shoes ( and boots ) bought and stored will fail quickly with sole problems ( cracking, falling off , bits falling out etc )
Best advice is wear all your shoes on a regular basis for the first few months before leaving them in the cupboard and to get a retailer that will offer a replacement pair if the soles fail in a short period of time as a good will gesture for the customer
of course you can always resort to legal action as there is an expectation by the purchaser that the goods will last for a reasonable period of time regardless of expressed warranty period or not

Adidas Mens... | Answered on Jul 31, 2016 | 944 views I hope this helps. I am not a doctor. YouTube will help.

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You are saying that the water comes on by itself? What water pressure do you have?

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If by timing you mean that you aren't sure that you have the belt on the cam/crank assemblies properly, now is a bad time to mention it. This is an interference engine. Proper alignment of the crank/cam with the timing belt is critical and must be exact or serious internal engine damage will result. Even turning the engine too far without the belt properly aligned can damage pistons and valves. At this point if you didn't get it right, the damage is probably already done. For a quick check, disable the fuel pump, pull the spark plugs and perform a compression check. If it doesn't pass, take it all apart and assess the damage and repair as necessary.

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have you had the OBD codes read , if not i'd have that done , note the codes , if any , clear them, as claering the codes can sometimes be all that needs doing , if no change post the codes and will be able to locate the sensor/switch causing the issue , another thing to check would be the compression in that cylinder , if low then investigate from there ie valves , head gasket etc

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that is the usual way mechanics do it .

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Sacramento, Salem, Olympia, Boise, Salt Lake,Carson City Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver, Cheyenne, Butte Bismark, Pierre,Lincoln,Wichita,Oklahoma City, Austin, Baton Rouge Jackson Little Rock, Jefferson City, Des Moines, Minneapolis St Paul, Madison, Springfield, Lansing, Indianapolis, Frankfort, Nashville Birmingham, Tallahassee, Atlanta, Columbia, Raleigh, Richmond, Charleston Columbus, Dover, Baltimore, Harrisburg, Trenton, Albany, Hartford,Boston, Concord, Montpelier,Augusta, Juneau and Honolulu

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  1. Remove the coolant overflow bottle.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Loosen the pulley bolts.
  4. Loosen or remove the drive belt.
  5. Remove pulley bolts
  6. Remove all studs and bolts from old water pump.
  7. Pull old pump off. Use a screwdriver to start it but be careful not to bend the old pump. Also, tapping the center of the pulley lightly with a hammer may help loosen it. If it is hard to get out, check and make sure all bolts are removed. When you remove the pump, there will not be enough room to remove the pulley drum from the pump. This is important to remember when installing the new water pump.
  8. Scrape area off with a gasket scraper and razor blade to remove old gasket. Make sure its clean! Spray it with brake cleaner and wipe clean afterward.
  9. Spray both sides of the new gasket with high tack. High tack works much better than the goop because it is clean, even, and seals well.
  10. Slip gasket in carefully and be sure it fits properly over bolts and is in correct placement against block. Press down to ensure seal.
  11. Spray the inside of the water pump with high tack evenly.
  12. Install water pump into correct place against block making sure that pulley drum is already hanging from new pump or you will not get it on afterward!
  13. Install bolts and studs and tighten down.
  14. Install pulley screws and tighten as best you can.
  15. Reinstall and tighten drive belt.
  16. Finish tightening pulley bolts.
  17. Reinstall battery and coolant overflow bottle being sure that bottle is empty.
  18. Let sealant dry overnight.
^if you follow the book and have little experience that is the best way
I have 11 years experience working on cars and 4 years were at a cadillac dealer

This will give you more hand room I Take the 2 nuts off the bottom of the front motor mount and back motor mount, on the passenger side then I jack up the motor on the passenger side end of the oil pan with a board between the jack and the oil pan. You can jack it up a couple of inches, it gives you plenty of room. I leave it jacked up until I'm done, even putting the belt on is alot easier. Then lower the motor, and put the nuts back on the mounts

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Call Delta toll free help line

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Personally, I use a paint stick to mark the original belt location. Then I take the belt off and transfer the marks to the new belt. Be sure to put a new water pump in and also a new spring on the tensioner.

If you already took the beloff, then there are actually timing marks. I forget where the mark on the crank is, but it should be slightly obvious. The mark on the gear lines up with a mark on the oil pump. The camshaft gears each have 2 marks. On the front you use the one with the 'e' and the 'I' on the back. The notches have to point at eachother parallel to the cylinder head.

Good luck...

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Using a opened paper clip there should be a little hole to put in the papclip and depress a little switch. If you can find this then unplugged the power, push in the button hold while reconnecting the power. Whatch the lights and they will flash and then go off and look like nornal.

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The roadmaps gradually be a little more difficult. Within infinite mode the actual alien runs forever until an inability. In every session you generate points which later on could be exchanged for some other tools. There are several pyramids hovering within the space generally in run 3 full game. All those pyramids your own points, which means you should attempt to obtain them no matter what is the cost.

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Losen the belt with the tensioner and you should be able to take it off with a couple of wrenches or sicket...note some tensioners come as a unit..where you remove the mounting bolts and replace it with a new one good luck..

Dayco 89145... | Answered on Oct 22, 2014 | 96 views

If you open up the unit, you may be able to fix the jack if it has come loose and maybe got a broken connection in the process. It may just be a "cold solder joint" causing the problem

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your car could have a vaccum leak or a vaccum line that is britle and pinches closed when car gets too operating temp. just check all vaccum line.

FRANTI Pikeur... | Answered on Aug 14, 2014 | 107 views

If you are talking about one you purchased return it and look at another one. If you are looking for one on the engine they may have used liquid gasket.

Gates Tckwp307... | Answered on Aug 08, 2014 | 109 views

you can get one for about $100 dollars on just make sure it matches the one in your car

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