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Hello, Taylor -

In case you don't realize it, is a website intended for asking and answering questions on how to go about REPAIRING THINGS.

If you reside where there are public libraries, I suggest you locate the library nearest you and visit it when it is scheduled to be open. A librarian can help you find answers to all your snake questions.

Best wishes.

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pic is too small

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Are you sure this reptile is called 'Iron Fire'? Google has never heard of it, which is 100% impossible in such cases.

Which habitat does iron fire reptile need Google Search

OMG, you aren't talking about some game character are you?

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Best Ways to Get Rid of Lizards
1. Egg Shells: Lizards will leave the place because the odour of eggs will make lizards assume that there is another organism present in the premises. Keep some eggshells around the corners of your house, doors, and windows.
2. Coffee Powder
This is a very effective method to get rid of lizards. Combine tobacco and coffee powder and make balls. Keep the prepared balls on every corner of the house and the places where lizards hide the most. After eating these balls, they will either die or move away from your house
.3. Garlic
Lizards cannot stand the smell of garlic. This remedy may sound weird to you, but hanging some garlic cloves around your house will keep the lizards away

  • Alternatively, you can place some garlic cloves in the corners and the entrances of the house or spray garlic juice in the lizard-prone areas.
4. Pepper Spray
Pepper spray irritates lizards. This remedy will make them run away. Prepare a solution by mixing crushed black pepper and water. Spray this solution all around the house, in kitchen racks, under the stove, fridge and tube light corners.
5. Onion
Onion contains sulphur compounds which are responsible for bad odour. Lizards can't tolerate the pungent smell of onion. Hang some onions around all the doors, windows and all the other possible entrances. Or else, keep some onions in the areas encroached by the lizards. This creepy reptile will leave the place soon.

12 Simple Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lizards

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The Plains garter snake has either an orange or yellow stripe down its back and distinctive black bars on its lip. The stripe normally starts at the head and continues all the way to the tail tip. Lateral stripes are located on the third and fourth scale rows and are normally a greenish-yellow color.
Plains garter snake

Reptile | Answered on Mar 24, 2018 | 947 views

Eastern kingsnakes are large -- 36 - 48 in (90-122 cm) -- shiny-black, smooth-scaled snakes with white or yellow chain-link bands that cross the back and connect along the sides. Because of this pattern, this species is also referred to as the chain kingsnake.


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The first step in keeping snakes away from your house is to control the factors that are attracting them there in the first place. It is time to roll up your sleeves and do some work in your yard. Remove weeds, excess vegetation, piles of debris and any other areas where snakes can hide.

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The boa constrictor, also called the red-tailed boa or the common boa, is a species of large, heavy-bodied snake that is frequently kept and bred in captivity.
Boa constrictor

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You can start with a half cup of baking soda and pour that down the bathtub's drain. ... After 30minutes has passed, pour the hot water down the drain.

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There are 55 different kinds of snakes in Mississippi and only six are venomous, according to the post. The six venomous snakes are Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake, Copperhead, Canebrake Rattlesnake, Pigmy Rattlesnake, Cottonmouth and Coral Snake.

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Anything that moves.

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Garter Snake

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You can do a Google Picture search. Or, do a search of snakes in your state. But remember, DO NOT USE THE WORD POISONOUS! Snakes are either VENOMOUS, or NONVENOMOUS. And you should NEVERRR kill a snake. Even if it is venomous, and you have small children. Most bites occur while trying to kill a snake. And you will NEVER kill all of them, so why kill even one? Don't try to be a hero. There are too many DEAD heros already.

Reptile | Answered on Oct 26, 2017 | 807 views

Not necessarily. Snakes don't protect their babies like other animals. Some snakes lay eggs, and once the eggs are laid, the mother goes off in search of food. The babies are on their own. Even snakes who give birth to live babies do so, and the babies are then left to fend for themselves.

Reptile | Answered on Oct 26, 2017 | 592 views

we can reduce the attraction by removing any food for rats and mice
clean up the area , remove ant tin drums that snakes can live under
the main thing is , snakes follow the food source so have no food source and they keep moving

Reptile | Answered on Sep 13, 2017 | 616 views

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