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How to Initialize (reset), and preload on the Korg X2/X3/X3R
Initialization: Hold Page Down and 0 while turning it on
Preload: Disk Load (XSD00P)
ROM Check: Hold Enter and 7 while turning it on.
If banks names are lost, you need to replace the little round coin-pill from inside, which memorize settings while the instrument is off and disconnected from the power.

Korg Music | Answered 19 hours ago

Hi, The reason for no sound could be many things.

Do you have power to the keyboard ( Red light, display lit up ? ) If not could be power supply or power input socket ( these fail and need repairing frequently on older models )

If you have power then check nothing stuck in headphone socket as this would stop sound.

If nothing stuck in headphones, does it work on headphones. If it does it is probably the amplifier that has stopped working.

If you can provide more specific I may be able to help further.


Yamaha Music | Answered Yesterday

Download the manual from the Fostex support website:

The instructions are on page 147.

Fostex Mr16hd 16... | Answered 2 days ago

Download the manual from the Fostex support website:

The instructions are on page 147.

Fostex Music | Answered 2 days ago

The main mix outputs are 6.5 mm jack sockets. Although generally reliable, the contacts can become corroded and fail to connect properly. Spray with contact cleaning solvent, repeatedly insert and withdraw a jack plug to remove any residual dirt, and allow to dry for several hours before switching on. If that doesn't work, the next most likely culprit is the main volume slider. Same treatment - solvent cleaner and work the track slider up and down a few times. If that fails it's probably a job for a technician. If it's only the knob that's missing you can get a replacement knob from an electronics spare parts store. If the pot itself is broken you will need to replace it. If you are handy with a soldering iron, take the old pot out and take it to an electronics store and ask for a direct replacement. Get a new knob while you are there.

Behringer Music | Answered 2 days ago

Get one of these:

and a 3.5 mm Stereo to 6.5 mm (1.4 inch) Stereo adaptor plug like this:

Plug the cable into the adaptor and the adaptor into one of the headphone sockets. Plug the XLR at the other end of the cable into the XLR socket on your powered sub.
It's important to do it this way because you want your powered sub to reproduce the centre of the mix where all the bass is. If you use only the left or right channel you will not get the best bass sound out of your sub.

Behringer Music | Answered 2 days ago

If it only affects half the keyboard then the most likely cause is that you have accidentally pressed the Split button (top row on the right) and one half of the keyboard is set to a no sound. Look to see if the Split button is illuminated. Press the Split button so the light goes off. Now the whole keyboard should be operating the same way (on or off). Select the upper or lower sound in the display panel, according to which half was silent. On the left there is a button labelled Knob Function. Press this repeatedly until the light shows against the label 3. Now turn knob A clockwise until you get some sound. If that doesn't work, examine each of the settings of the rotary knobs A, B, C and D to see if something is set incorrectly. Another possibility is that you have set half the keyboard to a stored program but have not stored any sound in that program.

Yamaha Music | Answered 2 days ago

Turn your guitar away from the amp's speakers. The pickups on the guitar are feeding the amp's signal back into the amp creating a feedback loop, especially with the gain button on. Loud volumes cause this looping path between the amp speakers and guitar pickups. You may need to reduce amp volume also.

Peavey Music | Answered 2 days ago

This will be a power supply problem. Take it in to your repair shop for service.

Behringer... | Answered 2 days ago

The Phantom power comes from a seperate winding on the switching power supply.Likely one or more of the other voltages are not present due to a failure of one or more components. The supplies are current limited so a short anyplace on the board may cause the problem. I had one of these short betwen the +/- 15 volt busses because somebody spilled liquid into it.

Here is a close schematic... a slightly different model with less channels, but circuoitry is the same, just more copies of it in yours: I believe it is zipped with four files... the last is the power supply.

Behringer Xenyx... | Answered on Jan 20, 2019

Request the diagram directly from Fender.

Fender Rumble... | Answered on Jan 19, 2019

You could buy a Lehle switch, or simply use one on each separately. If you are using a multieffect unit you could make a Y cable to take the output to both amps but that will not allow you to select the drive channel - you still need the Fender footswitch for that, one for each amp. Lehle is a German company and they make a lot of different footswitch combinations but you will pay for the convenience.

I recommend the Fender single button footswitch for this use - Type: Footswitch
  • Number of Footswitch Buttons: 1
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 0994052000
  • It's about $35.00 each, compared to the Lehle which starts at $200. Just put the two side by side and make a metal bar to attach to the two switches - then you have a single bar to activate both drive channels at the same time. I recommend using aluminum bar stock with holes drilled into it for the switches, or find a C channel aluminum bar that will put the footswitch buttons in the channel. You can also make it one inch overhang past both switch bodies and then use bolts to keep the bar in place. If I was doing this I would mount the footswitches on a board and secure the bar to be on top of the footswitches, using coil springs to maintain the bar's alignment vertically at the end bolts.
  • Fender Music | Answered on Jan 18, 2019

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