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How to discharge electrolytic capacitor for testing or replacement,POWER OFF procedure.

when the electronic or electrical circuit power is on,the whole system capacitors ,along with other parts consume electric power and become charged ,the higher value of capacitance grab more potential voltage, now if we need to test the capacitor with some meter or oscilloscope and need to remove it from the circuit board ,it become necessary to discharge them for the protection of sensitive test instrument and also for safety ,the procedure is very simple ,for this purpose we need one insulated bulb holder and place any filament type bulb in the bulb holder about 0 watt to 5 watts value,take two piece of thick insulated pieces of copper wire and solder the two ends to bulb holder and insulate them properly ,this procedure is for system POWER OFF test ,take out the power plug from the wall out let,and make sure power is completely OFF.
for discharging the capacitor we have to simply touch two ends of wire that came out from the bulb holder to the capacitor two terminal ,the potential in the capacitor will drain from positive to negative through the bulb filament resistance and discharge procedure will be completed,some time bulb will glow for short time some time it will not depending upon the current in the capacitor , now we can de solder or test the capacitor for replacement safely and securely.

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How to solve Verizon email log in problems?

If you are having trouble accessing your Verizon email, you must perform the following instructions:
    ?You need to check your browser settings and history for caches and cookies.
    ?In order to have a hassle-free log in, your email address and password must be correct.
    ?Try to log in to your email account from a different web browser. For example, if you are utilizing Chrome, try to access your email from Mozilla. For any technical support or assistance, call Verizon email technical support number to avail help from skilled and verified technicians

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Electrolytic capacitors in circuit board testing procedure with POWER OFF.

electrolytic capacitors are most common and widely used in every electronic and electrical circuit boards ,they function good and smooth in circuit if they are in normal functioning order and if they are not healthier then they impact very bad on the whole electronic or electrical system,they can disable the whole circuit on and off ,erratic on and off, lower or block the system voltage ,lower or block the system current ,lower or block the system signals and also erratic system functioning.
now there is good procedure to grab any suspicious electrolytic capacitors to test them in the circuit board as well out from the circuit board with help of oscilloscope and 1000 cycle square wave 0.5 volt frequency generator, the generator for the electrolytic capacitor must not be above 0.5 volts range otherwise above this voltage range it will triggers the nearby transistor and ICs that will intrupt the test.
CAUTION. these all test are POWER OFF test,and capacitors should be all in fully discharged state, unplug the power from the system for these tests.
1) connect or touch the two leads of your square wave generator to the capacitors both leads it does not matter if it is positive or negative touch your oscilloscope lead and observe the signal , there is now no square wave signal passing instead you will observe a good triangle signal passing through oscilloscope screen it means it is a sign of healthy good capacitor,
compare it with the good one capacitor for double check.
2) connect or touch the two leads of your square wave generator to capacitors both leads it does not matter if it is positive or negative touch your oscilloscope lead and observe the signal , there is now square wave signal passing ,that is now become short in amplitude square wave signal passing through oscilloscope screen it means that capacitors become resistive or dried up or changed in value bad capacitor,electrolytic chemical inside is dried up,need replacement with the good identical one, compare with the another good capacitor for double check.
3)connect or touch the two leads of your square wave generator to capacitors both leads it does not matter if it is positive or negative touch your oscilloscope lead and observe the signal , there is now no square wave signal instead you will observe a bent or distorted square wave passing through oscilloscope screen it means it is a sign of bad capacitor, that have changed its value ,need replacement with identical one capacitor.
compare it with the good one capacitor for double check.
4) connect or touch the two leads of
your square wave generator to the capacitors both leads it does not matter if it is positive or negative ,then touch your oscilloscope lead and observe the signal , there is square wave signal with no change in amplitude you will observe a signal passing through oscilloscope screen it means it is bad complete dried up capacitor showing very high resistance in the circuit board ,need replacement with good identical one capacitor.
compare it with the good one for double check.

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Google Home Speaker Microphone

After many months of enjoyable use of my Google Home Speaker it suddenly stopped responding.
I had changed modem and router and so I had a new WiFi setup and I thought that was the culprit, but resetting the Google Home Speaker by pressing and holding the Mic button for a long time did not fix the problem.
I used Netgear Genie to make certain my Speaker was recognized on my Network.

I then spent a long time on the Internet, searching Google's website for answers.
Finally I called Google and a Tech there talked me through a couple procedures.
But none of them worked either.

I was getting music I wanted to play on the Speaker to play on my cell phone, so I knew the connection with Google Music was good.

I could not find anything on the Web about how to take the speaker apart, to see if there was a bad microphone connection or something visible I could repair.

I had used the Google Home Speaker for a long time, and just as a last effort I put some 91 percent rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip and gently wiped the 2 microphone openings (Yellow arrows).
A significant amount of lint was present on the Q-tip.

I swiped both openings one more time with alcohol using the Q-tip.

The speaker starting working again, perfectly.

I hope this helps someone as frustrated as I was.


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Weather proof leather boots

Spray leather boots with WD40, be sure to spray the seams well.... it helps waterproof them.

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How does the shot blasting machine handle steel abrasives with oil?

Oil-coated steel abrasives must be air-dried when they are treated with a shot blasting machine, otherwise the treatment effect will be directly affected.

Workpiece coating, pre-bonding treatment
Shot blasting can remove all dirt like scales on the surface of the workpiece, and establish a very important basic pattern on the surface of the workpiece (the so-called rough surface). By changing the abrasives with different sizes, different degrees of roughness are achieved, and the bonding force among the workpiece, the coating, and the plating material are greatly improved, or make the bonding part stronger and of better quality.

Rough surface cleaning and cleaning workpiece after heat treatment
The shot blasting can clean all the dirt on the surface of the workpiece after casting and forging, such as oxide scale and oil stain, and polish the surface of the workpiece to improve its smoothness. The workpiece is exposed to a uniform metallic color, which makes the appearance of the workpiece more beautiful and achieves the effect of beautifying the decoration.

Cleaning burr of the machining parts and surface beautification
Shot blasting can clean the surface of the workpiece with small burrs, and make the surface of the workpiece flatter, eliminating the damage of burrs and improving the grade of the workpiece. And the shot blasting can make a small rounded corner at the intersection of the workpiece surface, making the workpiece look more beautiful and more precise.

Improve the mechanical properties of the parts.
After the sandblasting, the mechanical parts can produce uniform and fine concave and convex surfaces (base pattern) on the parts, so that the lubricating oil can be stored, and the lubrication conditions can be improved and the noise can be reduced, which improves the service life of the machine.

For workpieces that use for some special purpose, sand blasting can achieve different reflection or matt, such as stainless steel workpieces, matt surface of wooden furniture, decorative pattern on frosted glass surfaces, and texturing on the surface of fabrics.

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How to remove blood from clothing

hello ladies and gentleman,
As a medical assistant for the past 16 years I have had the need to clean up blood on many occasions. The best thing for a blood stain that has not yet been washed van be cleaned by pouring a little peroxide over the stain, let it set for 5 minutes and then repeat as necessary. its quick, easy and very inexpensive, you can buy it at any dollar store.

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How to find bad electrolytic capacitors in the circuit board.

1) observe the electrolytic capacitors in the circuit board,specially close to the heat sink,IC ,transistors and the unit that emits heat, usually bad electrolytic have bulged at top of it and also may bulged in bottom or at sides of it,this is the sign that capacitors is bad or going to be bad very soon,replace it with good one same value and rating.
2) observe the electrolytic capacitors in the circuit board. some times it leaks by itself with some gooey electrolytic chemicals in the bottom and on the board, this is also good sign that capacitors become weak and bad and need to be replaced.
3) observe the electrolytic capacitors in the circuit board ,some times it explode at the top or at the sides or some times it completely vanishes from the circuit board due to power serge , power supply spike and also from lightening , in this case you will see two leads of it some times on the circuit board ,in this case check nearby electrolytic capacitors and another related components that might needed replacement.
4)observe the electrolytic capacitor in the circuit board ,the capacitors at the top trying to tear it aluminium case and make small cracks due to internal bulged,this capacitor needed to be replaced,sooner or latter it might dried up internally.

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Two years ago asked on this site if anyone had a correct charger for my just found in my closet this radio unit.
Just found the charger, owner's manual, etc.
I think the battery packs in both units are bad as there'
s white residue on bottoms. I charged for 10 hours and no luck.Do any of you think they are worth finding replacement rechargeable batteries for these hand held Radios. Or it looks like I can fit in 4 AAA batteries to each unit to use. Batteries are not cheep. Could be hand helds are shot/outdated and just need to to be tossed to our county disposal system. What say YOU!

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It wont come Apart.

Don't force it. If it does not come apart easily then you have missed something and is worth rechecking.

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How to remove oil stain from clothes

Immediately apply water on stain and try to absorb oil from the cloth using tissue paper. Once you are home, take a lemon, squeeze the juice on the stain, keep it aside for 30-45 minutes. Next apply detergent powder on the stain and rub gently, wash with water. The stain will get faded. now soak the cloth in soap and water for 1 hour and wash gently. After one or two wash the stain will go completely.

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Knowing what type machine you are referring to would be most helpful

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Don’t think anyone knows what you are talking about here.

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Toilet seat plastic screw stripped.

You want to replace your toilet seat with a new one. The plastic screws on the old one are stripped, how do you take the screws off? I was wondering how to go about this, because the screws are housed in a plastic housing where you cannot get a grip with pliers or a wrench. I figured out that If I can break the plastic housing it would help. So I took a putty knife and a Hammer and broke the plastic housing, which enabled me to remove the screws. I hope this helps other people who have this sort of problem

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How to stop your icons on desktop moving

I have found this website, DesktopOK 5.76 Save and restore the desktop icon positions.It works ok for me as mine sometimes moved when i logged on. I found it user friendly. If your icons have moved you can restore to another date that you saved.
Hope this helps someone.


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hi here is error code 2 ..please see the pic


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cool good for you

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Several of today's battery charges are so called smart chargers but tend to be more of a pain. If you are hooking up your charger while still in vehicle make sure key is off and out of car, doors are closed and under hood light is unplugged. Reason being if there is the least amount of draw from the battery the so called smart charger wont charge. If you have done all of this take the negative ground off battery before charging, if this works then you have something in your auto wiring pulling power. Aka a short.

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