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Drivers for Acer computers can be found here:{creative}&utm_campaign=US-OEM-BroadMatch-Search&m=Acer&s_kwcid=AL!4343!10!79989529365436!29392071285&ef_id=Wr5aCAAABddrJ9PD:20190107151930:s

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there is no such thing (don't buy acer again poor documents there !)(buy Dell)
(mobo drawings of this scale)
if there was it was illegally leaked,
and if leaked only google can find leaked documents of this kind.
you worked on a PC and did not remove the battery and or power pack now you blew up a chip
buy a new PC , used PC or a new or used motherboard.
you blew it up.

if the PC has any value left (I dought it)
then find another,

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check the memory ram

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I had ? someone try?
no problem stated before "SOMEONE" got hands on it.
post problems first then actions taken 2nd please.
first tell what the word RESET means.
PCs have vast things inside that RESET.
of you mean go back to day one with the original new OS like day one new, sure, that is called a factory reset.
or factory OS recovery is the better, way to say this.
PCs come new, (modern) with a hidden recovery partition
that works great of the PC was never attacked with OS upgrades
or new HDD (hard disks drive)
first off fixya is not only they are and only they have your support, drivers , software and books covering RECOVERy.
lets go there now and read you chapter called that.
the first question is country , I will do wild guess and pick USA

then I go here.
kav60 is really a Aspire One AOD250
ok, it tells you that there.
the support page asks for class firsts.
omg I found it, on that hard site to navigate.
its not under laptops/note boots but chromebooks.

so we now RTM we read the recovery chapter.
10 year old laptop , most this old have a bad HDD
I an real shop we test the HDD first.
or go broke watching new OS die on bad hDD. all day long.
pdf page 19
if no recovery disks in hand
we read page 29
(no disks) recovery.
step on turn on D2D recovery in BIOS, per your manual.
then power on and hammer ALT +F10
you are now in the recovery (magic) partition loading fresh OS.

page 30

"Important! This feature occupies 6 GB in a hidden partition on
your hard disk?'" that means the HDD must not be bad.
sop tha

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Go to Acer website, navigate to forums, where an Acer wizard may be able to supply diagrams.
By "teardown" I guess you mean a service manual showing the innards of the notebook.
I browsed the WWW and a few manuals sites, found lots of tech specs but no teardown / service manual for Q1VZC.
Rotsa Ruck.

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  1. Unplug AC power adapter.
  2. Locate the battery reset pinhole on the bottom of the computer.
  3. Insert a small paperclip in the battery reset pinhole. Hold the reset button for 4 seconds.
  4. Let the computer sit for 5 minutes with no power.
  5. Connect the AC adapter and power on the system.

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If you are in the bios then it's probable that the cmos battery is flat. Look at the bios date. If it has gone back to default and not current date then change the date to the current.
boot order is normally Hdd, cd rom, usb and network last.
put into that order. If your hdd is no good then the machine will look for a usable drive. If you have a windows setup disk it will boot from that into windows setup.
press f10 save settings and exit. The machine will boot to what ever works first. After successful boot, then turn off and reboot again if it boots into the bios then check the date again. If it has gone back then you need a new battery. They only a pound or so..

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Vergeef me, ik vertaal naar / van het Engels. Is er een LED-lampje op de voeding? Misschien wilt u eerst een nieuwe voeding proberen.

"Forgive me I'm translating to/from English- Is there an LED light on the power supply? You may want to try a new power supply first."

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It's possible to use USB Dongle to have a Bluetooth connectivity. They are available for under $ 10 and plug & play on Windows 10.

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this monitor is 2012 built so is LED monitor, good. that.

no photo of which of 3 boards inside or IC top words.
is the IC top sanded clean.
many chips are custom chips (ASIC) or on contract from ACER to maker. (a secret))
how many pins on chip, just 3 or 25+
no photos of chips is a no joy event;
we cant see them in a text box unless added by clicking
photos button below. sizes 1024 max. jpg , gif best.

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click the arrow. You can also go to settings on most mail websites and select how many are displayed per page.

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If the computer is on, check to see if there is more that one input for the monitor. Monitors can have multiple inputs. There should be a way to access an on screen menu from the buttons on the monitor. Try different inputs.

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Ok for you I read your manual , here it is,
took me 3 clicks at
page 23 covers this in brilliant details.

see Bezel hooks? sure.

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You'll need to be more specific. Acer makes several Aspire 3 notebooks. Many of their manuals are available here: . In the drop down menus, choose Notebook, Aspire and look for the model number. Current Aspire 3 notebooks have model numbers that start with A315. The user manual for the A315-21 is currently here: . You'll need to extract the contents of the file to read the manual.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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Kindly reload the operating system again. May be OS file will be corrupt due to which it’s rebotting.

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