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Question about 1997 Eclipse

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oil and water mixing to a degree as an indicator. There is a chance that the turbo could have been faulty and the seals in it are leaking or that the unit was fitted badly and that may great some grey


turbo. We've changed the thermostat three times, the first was probably unneccessary. The second thermostat we got from Schuck's and was getting stuck, the third we just bought two days ago at a Napa.


oil light goes out. You spin that turbo dry it'll blow and here we go $1000. It'll do it once if you change the oil with the car hot and get it all done in a few minutes and start it right away. Don't

...oil pressure I have a 95 Eclipse non turbo automatic and after the car has warmed up white smoke is coming from the tailpipe. Also my oil pressure gauge stays low and there is plenty of oil in it. ...

...turbo . Car was overheating and antifreeze was spraying out but stopped and temp went back down are u getting steam from your exhaust system if so you could have a blown gasket or cracked head on the ...

oil from leaking out-1999 2.0L turbo engines Remove the bell housing cover. Disconnect the oil return pipe from the oil pan. Remove the oil pan mounting bolts. Tap the oil pan seal breaker MB998727 or warms up it smokes and it seems to be getting worse. also the boost gauge hardly ever goes aboven 3/4 of the way Your turbocharger blows seal , oil leaks to exhaust system. You need a new

Question about 1997 Eclipse

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turbo it has a 2.4 sohc well it had a bunch of oil spilling out of it but it is still holding oil replaced the radiator cap pulled the vavle cover off and replaced the spark pulug gaskets cause it had

Question about 2000 Eclipse

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leaking oil and smoking its leaking oil when its sitting still and smoking alot when you are driving Where is the smoke coming from, Is it coming from the exhaust of engine bay. Colour of smoke? was fix a few holes that were allowing the water to leak. Have you checked all of the areas of your car that hold liquid such as oil, gas, coolant, and water? Efficient Automotive Services ...

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