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Question about 1995 Fleetwood

1 Answer system, it could be any of a dozen different things, the dealer can test the system for trouble codes and give you an idea of the problem and the cost to repair


Question about 1987 Fleetwood

1 Answer a rebuttable garage or GM repair facility and have them scan your car's computer for diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). Their scanner will be able tell if the problem in your digital display ...


Question about 1994 Fleetwood

1 Answer

trouble code (00-32) said, "EGR open command did not change fuel mixture during off idle operation." Where is EGR located so I can change it? Thanks, Ray EGR is located on your intake!! the best thing

...trouble code indicates a long term memory loss of the ECM (for example a replaced battery one day). It doesn't show on third pass (after the third -1.8.8) so it's intermittent and not a problem when ...

...55 miles an hour, the car seems to lock in t the higher idle speed and doesn't idle down when you let up on the accelerater. run scanner for trouble codes, some auto parts stores will do this for ...

after replacing water pump, the serp belt would not tighten. Ther seemed to be 10 inches to much belt. I'm not a total idiot, but we worked on this 2 hrs and still could not get it to work ...

Question about 1986 Fleetwood

1 Answer

...rough for a few seconds it's cause it was flooded due to excessive fuel.. Get scanned for any trouble

Question about 1991 Fleetwood

1 Answer

...the speed sensors, which both had no effect. Any info on this will be greatly appreciated, thank you. The ABS module may have failed - check for trouble codes (DTCs) with a good OBDI code

my engine light comes on and my car stalls its not geting all its POWER Have you checked the computer for trouble codes ?

...and warmer buttons together and hold for 10 seconds or so the display will show you trouble code like E.1.0 these codes will help you determine what is wrong. But sounds like the anti-theft is

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