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Question about iPhone Smartphone

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Calender The times in my calender are off anywhere from 2-4 hours, I have checked that it is set for EST, etc. It is correct in my Microsoft outlook but comes over to iphone incorrectly? Help? I think


iPhone sync with Outlook Calendar - Appointment time put on iPhone 1 hr later. When I sync my iPhone with a Outlook Calendar the appointmens originating from Outlook showup on my iPhone as an hr later


Question about iPhone Smartphone

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Voicemail does not work all the times After I've upgraded my iphone to version 2.0 and recorded new greeting message voicemail got wierd. It happens only when iphone is ON. Every second or third time ...

When I add an appointment to my iPhone and then synch it with Outlook, the appointment shows up 8 hours earlier in Outlook. The other way around (add an appointment to Outlook) the appointment is 8 ...

Outlook changes appt times when synced with iPhone. When I sync my iPhone with Office Outlook, the calendar in Outlook changes all my appointment times 6 hours behind.The origianl times seem to remain

Question about iPhone Smartphone

2 Answers

i9 phone clock/time always run slow No matter how far ahead I set the time it still runs late after a day or so i think u have activated internet and also activated automatic updation of time. in this

When I use Internet on my iPhone it takes too much time ? I use apple iPhone 3g and it takes too much time to load videos? restart 4 times it should work after

Question about iPhone 5S

2 Answers

time not changed After being abroad my iPhone 5s won't go back to our time Check your "Time Zone" in the settings. hello, you will have to change time manually by going into settings> time/clock>

why is the date on iphone wrong, how do I change it the date is January 16, 2015 Here's a decent link for fixing iphone time issues: iPhone Displays Incorrect Time Vickie See Settings / General / Date

Question about Apple iPhone 6

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my messages on my phone aren't in order Set your iPhone to official time If you are in the United States, go to and check the current, official time, then set your iPhone to that time in ...

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