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Question about 1991 Grand Am

1 Answer

jumped timing? 95 grand am 3.1 engine- car was driving fine down hiway, died and will turn over but backfires, have changed plugs and computer then car would try start, was getting gas no spark. so ...


Question about 1999 Grand Am GT

1 Answer

...timeing replaced water pump timeing sliped on cams how do I reset timeing 2.4l 4cyl check your timing marks on the pulleys. They must all align with #1 piston @ (TDC) top dead


Question about 1995 Grand Am

2 Answers

timing specs i need to know the timing specs on a 1995 pontiac grand am 2.3L on the timing chain Here is All Lititure But Pictures Wont show up on FixYa for some reason, I can Email it ALL to you Just

need timing marks for 2001 pontiac grand am no timing marks, timing is set at factory when new, crankshaft sensor and camshaft sensor control timing and fuel delivery to engine.

need to check the timming on a 98 grand am 2.4L twin cam by check timing do you mean base ignition timing or cam timing ,base ig. timing is handled by pcm not adjustable cam timing can be checked by ...

the engine will not start and backfires Have your timing chain, and timing sprockets checked. The timing chain probably snapped or jumped timing if you have broken teeth on the sprockets. If the ...

looking for a 2.2 ecotec timing chain diagram with pictures Getting the timing chain back on these engines can be tricky and requires more than just a diagram to get right. Here is how the timing ...

Question about 2002 Grand Am

3 Answers

diagram of timing chain diagram of how to set timing I need to know what year Grand Am and engine size? here are several diagrams and photos, choose based on your year and engine size. pontiac grand ...

Where is timing belt located on my 2002 Pontiac Grand Am nowhere. it has a timing chain that should last forever as long as you keep your oil in good shape. doesn't matter if you have a 4 cylinder or ...

Question about 2002 Grand Am

1 Answer

Why does it jump time? Timing chain broke on a 02 pontiac grand am. Changed the chain and valves. A week later it jumped time. Bought a timing chain kit and it still jumps time. It sounds like you may

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