Questions & Answers for: Mercury Mountaineer starting my car


Question about 2001 Mountaineer

2 Answers

...starting the car is the biggest challenge to the battery. Try jump starting the car. If that works let the car run for about 10 mins, turn it off wait 10 seconds. Try to start the car again, if it ...


Question about 2007 Mountaineer

1 Answer

No start 2002 Mountaineer My 2002 mercury mountaineer does not start \from time to time and no shop can fix because when they open in the a.m. the car starts. Happened 3 times in 3 weeks drove 30 min.


Question about 2004 Mountaineer

1 Answer will not start. i have 2004 mercury mountaineer. It started last night when it was only 9 degrees. What could be wrong? Antifreeze maybe? and if so where do i put it in? Not starting can be alot ...

Question about 2005 Mountaineer

1 Answer

Car will not start. Battery sounds like its geting enough jump, but will not turn over. first of all if its an automatic, put it in neutral to try to start it. if it starts its the neutral safty ...

Question about 1997 Mountaineer

1 Answer

my 1997 mercury mountaineer wont start just bought a new battery and it still want start There are many possibilities for no start problem in vehicle.May be the new battery is low on charge or its not

i drove my car to work this morning and then to my house about a mile for lunch after lunch my car wouldn't start and i hear one tick noise near the power distributor... my battery is fine and eve

...Car starting issues? ------------ Car Starting Problems -------- 1991 ...

Question about 2006 Mountaineer

1 Answer

car does not start the car will not start, and the battery is charging solenoid on top of the starter stuck hit it while someone turns your key if it starts change the starter.

car still be eclectrfried after starting the engine, and driving for a while, and shut it down, the engine will not start. No click from the starter. It is like the car is dead. If I wait a few hours,

Question about 2008 Mountaineer

1 Answer

starting issues with my car My cars starts good sometimes, but other times it will click the first time I try to start it. When it is not starting right the airbag light stays lit. When it starts good

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