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Question about 1998 Impreza

1 Answer

after vehicle is driven some distance and vehicle is hot the awd is binding up you can feel it as you drive around roundabouts and when you go to park and turn to full lock it binds up and make a ...


Question about 2003 Impreza

1 Answer

...resistance. With the front wheel spinning, one of the rear wheel(s) should also spin. Might not be a solution but maybe you can't see the rear spinning wheel because it's spinning on the other


Question about 2002 Impreza

1 Answer

...tight turn. What happens is the inner wheel shudders as it is spinning just as fast as the outside wheel. I had a 98 subaru and the owners manual was specific in saying dotn do U-turns etc. Good

After high speed driving, slow speed shudder After driving at highway speeds for a while, when I am parking or driving really slow the car shudders. Especially when I am turning tight. Only after ...

i just bought a used impreza 97 2.2 awd automatic. and the awd doesnt work. i have alot of land at my house and decided to go see if some mud will stop the car and it sure did. the rear wheels wont ...

Question about 1997 Impreza

1 Answer

The AWD isnt engaging on my 2000 subaru impreza rs. Its the 4eat AT. In snow, i spin my front tires forever and the AWD doestn kick in. The AT oil temp light flashes when i spin my tires long enough ...

Question about 1999 Impreza

1 Answer

Matching Tyres Does having different or un matching tyres on the back wheels cause it to make loud rubbing and flapping noises when you drive your car? Depends how "unmatched" they are, but unlikely. ...

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