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Question about Chevrolet C1500

3 Answers

...wheel well had rusted away so it moved with the plastic when pulled out and away. Pull down on the belt tensioner to loosen the serpentine belt (its hard to do) and slip the belt off of the AC ...


1994 chevy 1500 $ wheel drive wont engage the trucks hubs wont engage but you can hear the differential lock but theres no four wheel drive is there an easy fix or how hard would it be to put manual ...


...wheel drive pickup - Rear end Started with loud humming then one day went to metal grinding and loss of power. The smell was awful. Now no reverse. Do I need to replace whole rear end or just certain ...

Question about 1991 C1500

1 Answer already know how to do this.. 4LO and gear lever on 1st gear. From there, if all wheels aren't spinning then you definitely have a mechanical

High idle won't shut off, uses obscene amounts of gas... Truck is actually a C10 Custom Deluxe w/ '86 Camaro 305 and 4bbl Edel. carb. It won't go off high idle, started running choppy when ...

Question about 1984 C1500

1 Answer

I was trying to back out of my yard and something popped underneath my truck. now in reverse all i hear is a high pitched whine and the wheels will not spin. in drive yes but not reverse. OIL PUMP ...

Question about 1992 C1500

1 Answer

...wheel spins the other two wheels donot spin was wandering if anybody out there could help me thank you I believe that is standard for a stock 4X4, If you have true posi 4X4 all 4 wheels will turn at ...

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