Questions & Answers for: Toyota Tercel power drain


Question about 1992 Tercel

1 Answer

...drain bolt in the oil pan is not coming off,guessing it's rusted...tried wd 40 but gave up after several attempts...any suggestions? thanks Ooff many things could be done here, I'd start by trying to ...


Question about 1997 Tercel

1 Answer

power that is best discribed as a pull. durring driving had faster/increased speed at wich the car slowed when letting foot of gas, again almost felt like a pull. when ariving on next town had to slow


...power surge,lights and heater fan surge and dim.drain battery.i have heard it could be cgr valve? if your car runs drive it to the auto parts store and let them use their scanner to get the code on ...

...when car is off, bought new battery, problem still Someone will need to check all of the circuits to find the power drain. Could be a stuck relay, short to ground, or faulty switch among other

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