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Question about 1997 Eldorado

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...Can't find anyone who has a book, or even a confirmable part number. Can anyone help? P0110 - Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor Circuit P0111 - Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor Performance ...


...replace a bad starter on a 2000 Cadillac elDorado Dis connect the battery. You have to remove the intake to gain access to the starter motor.Once you remove the intake the starter motor is in the ...

Ad is in most cases the idle speed control air-bypass valve and or throttle valve and upper intake, these area's get full of gunk and combustion residue over the miles and cause idle issues ...

Question about 1994 Eldorado

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locate IAT sensor on '94 Eldorado it is in the intake hose coming off airfilter to intake

Where is the starter motor located on the Northstar engine. In a valley under the intake. I belive you have to remove the heads to change it. They are a nightmare on these engines. It was a very bad ...

engine does not start..where is starter located... The starter is located on the top of then engine under the intake manifold. The intake must be removed to access the starter.

Life Indexes Remove or disconnect the following: The negative battery cable The screw retaining the intake air duct/resonator (C) to the PCM housing Air filter housing clamps on top of the air cleaner

Question about 1986 Eldorado

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popping through the intake Burnt intake valves or the timming has jumped or is incorrect !

Question about 2000 Eldorado

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2000 Cadillac northstar oil in intake Just replaced head gaskets for overheat. Also rod and main bearings and oil pump just because engine was out. Now burns 1qt oil every 300 to 400 miles. Removed ...

How do I remove intake manifold from a 1974 cadillac eldorado Pull the distributor & remove the intake manifold bolts Doesn't sound as though vehicle repairs are your area of expertise,best forget

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