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...Anyone have an opinion PS: The temp here has been between 0 and -10 The problem is solved, the IAC (idle Air control valve) was the problem. I was glad to be able to bounce this off someone, and ...


...IAC valve couse this or the tps sensor? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks any of those sensors can cause that but the best thing to do is scan it or check for a vacuum leak with a smoke ...


Question about 1996 Mystique

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...won't tell you anything, once you know what the injector pulse width, egr function, o2 , tpa, iac etc, you can diagnose from there, otherwise you are operating in the dark and replacing parts ...

...IAC) sensor/motor. This sensor is located on your vehicles, throttle body. The purpose of this sensor is to control the car's idle under various operating conditions including ambient temperature. In ...

Question about 1997 Mystique

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sensor, Egr valve,and i have done a fuel pressure check,and checked the compresson. I am stumped on what else to do. Can you give me some help? Wow you change everything, TPS was right thing to do and

Question about 1995 Mystique

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sensor can be removed and cleaned with brake cleaner or carb cleaner. Can also be a clogged or stuck closed IAC intake air control. Also can be cleaned with the same sprays. The most common failure is

...IAC solenoid is bad. Hope this helps, -K MAF Sensor TSB: Ohmic values for Trans speed sensors: ...

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