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Question about 1999 Nubira

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...up said there was a fault with the throttle body so they replaced this twice before realising the "IAC UNIT" was faulty (This is to do with the 'ECU' apparently), The fault with the 'IAC UNIT'


sensor..any ideas??? The IAC valve requires resetting . First locate the IAC valve located on the side of the throttle body and has 4 wires going to it .Procedure is as follows Ignition key on ,unplug


shock while automatic transmission shifting in nubira 2000 please advise the reasons and the solution for the problem also the delay of shifting. regards, the 2000 nubria s have three sensors on the ...

code p0133 on 2004 deawoo matiz please is it the oxy sensor and if so front or rear one thank you O2 Sensor Circuit Slow Response Bank 1 Sensor 1 this is the sensor that is located in the exhaust just

causing too much fuel into the engine and raising the revs. If that doesn't work then make sure the IAC linear motor is seating against its air bypass hole in the air intake

how do you adjust the ignition timing on a 1.6 litre 1999 daewoo nabira? there are no adjustments on these systems. the ecu controlls all parameters. sensors that will affect it would be the knock ...

where is the thermo temp sensor on daewoo nubira 200 cdx 2L If you mean the sensor that drives the temperature gage, looking at the front of the car, it is on the right side of the engine, in front of

Do oxygen sensors's and canshaft position sensors go out a lot? I have trouble code P0134,P0341 and P0342 Oxygen sensor can give trouble because of many factors, but usually they get faulty at certain

Question about 2002 Nubira

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...wondering if this light would set off if the radiator was leaking incase i get this idle part for no reason.... please help Could be TPS sensor which controls RPM. One more is IAC controls low

specs for map sensor on 2001 daewoo nubira map sensor possibly bad what should it read on ohm meter i got a 31.1 reading?????????? not sure . check with dealer . i thought you only check the reading ...

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