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...iac valve check your throttle position sensor on the throttle body itself, if you take it off 2 screws (torex maybe)you'll see when someone steps on the gas the little **** moves thus the sensor may ...


...sensor connectors then started to work. same thing next day no codes, til return. code was p1404, replaced EGR valve, same start stall. no problem starting after full opertatng temp. what next? Check ...


Question about 2000 Malibu

3 Answers

...IAC) sensor/motor. This sensor is located on your vehicles, throttle body. The purpose of this sensor is to control the car's idle under various operating conditions including ambiant temperature. In ...

Question about 1997 Malibu

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...sensor and it became worse ( the idling ) the ( iac ) idle air control needs cleaned. it is mounted on throttle body to control idle speed, remove the torx screws holding it on. do not put body of ...

...3.1 engine. have gas at rail. changed spark plugs and wires, IAT and ECT sensors also replaced IAC. Help this is most likely a fuel vapor issue. fuel boils in the fuel rail causing a hard start ...

Question about 1999 Malibu

1 Answer

...have a timing belt. Did you have this problem before the water pump was replaced? What engine do you have? He may be able to check IAC operation and crank sensor. Fuel pressure verified

...sensor tested cleaned out egr clean your iac   (idle air control)   and then replace ignition plug wires and clean off terminals on coils before putting new wires on, use scotch ...

Question about 1999 Malibu

1 Answer

erratic idle behavior my car idles anywhere from 1500-2000 rpm constantly moving up and down between there already checked for vaccum leak Could be IAC sensor or TPS sensor[RPM].

...IAC ideal air control behind the TPS sensor .Its a stepper motor jack screw moves in and out to regulate the amount of air at ideal has a composit rubber seal at the end of the shaft that fits into a ...

Engine loses power when AC turn on. New plugs/wires/IAC. Clean TB. When I turn the AC off the engine remains in the bogged down, misfiring mode. Check the catalytic converter, It could be clogging up.

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