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...sensor that is a problem is the IAC, Idle Air Control... it can be gently cleaned and will fix it. They tend to get carbon built up on them and they stick, therefore not reacting quick enough to ...


Question about 2003 Seville

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...IAC) Low compression (170 psi + is OK) Start cleaning and repair these trouble spots and see is there any improvement. ==== For more advance DIY'er then you may try this. Use a can of Berryman ...


...the time now. I see two upstream sensors and one downstream sensor exists. 2001 SLS. 85,000 miles on car. clean the air intake system to start if it is still happening the IAC motor will need ...

Question about 1990 SeVille

1 Answer were above that or it was fluctuating you got a problem like an IAC sensor. You might have a filthy TPS. Clean the throttle bottle wouldn't hurt and why you might be getting different idle

...IAC) sensor/motor. This sensor is located on your vehicles, throttle body. The purpose of this sensor is to control the car's idle under various operating conditions including ambirnt temperature. In ...

1992 caddilac devile slow idle down responce clean the throttle body 1st then ck the iac and tps sensors

Got a 1999 cadillac Seville and it starts but want stay running Fuel filter,air filter,dirty throttle body.IAC sensor,any codes?

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