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Question about 1998 Beetle

2 Answers

rear hatch will not open with inside switch What yr and Model VW? This is for the hatch not latching problem. The repair manual mentions adjusting the side bumpers on the side of the trunk, which didn


2000 bettle 2.0l alarm randomly goes off the key will not electronically lock the boot is this the cause of the alarm going off randomlly. is it possible to take out the alarm, removing the alarm is ...


Question about 2000 Beetle

1 Answer

rear trunk wont close, power trunk wont close mechanisms seem to be fine just wont latch You can adjust the trunk lid by loosening the bolts at the hinges. If that wont work then there is a micro ...

Question about 2001 Beetle

1 Answer

Front Seat will Not Latch Down The front seat will not latch to the floor. Sorta dangerous but heh, have to wear the seat belt. Not sure of the issue. Please advise. The Latch release will allow the ...

that back flap won't close i don't the name for it. that back flap won't close The hatchback/trunk? It has to be the latch that locks it. Make sure its not broken.

wheres the hood latch button on the 2000 vw beetle I am working on a 2000 Beetle now and the hood latch is near where most are on the left by the door yet it is flush to the wall. Otherwise the lift ...

I have a 2000 VW Beetle and the door won't shut completely. It doesn't click shut. I have been able to shut it sometimes from the inside but I can't from the outside. Now I can't shut from the outside

Question about 2004 Beetle

1 Answer find the proper model number of the replacement tail light globe. Open your trunk or lift your hatchback. Find the cover just on the inside of your vehicle next to the burnt-out bulb. Turn the ...

Why doesn't petrol cap door latch after it has been closed? Hi Anthony, The door latch needs adjusting... Some pump jockey may have broken the latch.

2007beetle glove box door seemed frozen shut.latch moved up and down. I forced the sides of the door until the door snapped open and now will not latch. HELP! You most likely need to replace the latch

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