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Question about 2004 Wrangler

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...emission, most likely the problem is a defective gas cap. Also the code you give (P0244) is a watse gate code, please provide the correct code. P0244 Turbo/Super Charger Wastegate Solenoid A ...


I need a diagram of how to replace a serpentine belt on a 1994 Jeep wrangler you have to pull on the tenssionner, and sould be a diagram right under the hood. if not, go on google and write serpentine


...and remove from the seat loops then lift out Hi Roger, It's done from behind the vehicle. Open the gate. At the base of the seat, there is a horizontal bar that releases the rear seat latches. Pull ...

need picture of serpentine belt routing on1995 wrangler with a/c Here's a link to the belt routing diagram

do you have a image of how to put the drive belt back on a jeep wrangle 1997 1997 JEEP WRANGLER - L4 2.5L 150ci GAS FI N P * Belt Routing Diagram Multiple Accessory, w/o P.S., w/o A.C. * Belt Routing ...

...I NEED A DIAGRAM Here are two links for the engines offered that year... 4 cyl 2.5L 6cyl 4.0L ...

...but the shifter is in neutral and will not go in gear Check for wear in the gear lever selector/gate mechanism. It may have allowed the lever to select reverse, the 'jump' the lockout gate back

its hard to open and shut are there bushings on the tailgate There isn't bushings as per say, but a set of pins that let the tail gate open and close. I have found that using a Premium spray ...

Question about 1997 Wrangler

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...On automatic transmission there is a neural safety switch. When it's not send the correct gate position signal (P R N D... ) to the ECU not energize import relay like ASD. Check for loose ...

need to match hardtop lift gate to hardtop don't know brand or year hinge spacing 28/1-4'' apart. 3'' 'hinges, bolts holes 1/3-4'' on center

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