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Question about 2005 Forenza

2 Answers

...pipe. 6. Remove the oil pan flange?to?transaxle retaining bolts. 7. Remove the oil pan retaining bolts. 8. Remove the oil pan from the engine block. Cleaning Procedure 1. Clean the oil pan sealing ...


Question about 1993 Corolla

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...Let idle for 20 minutes to mix. Shut off engine and noticed clean oil puddle under tail pipe. Inside pipe was oily. Is this a problem? it is aproblem if smoke came out the pipe when engine


"Sea Foam" (NAPA usually has it) and spray it into the opening and wipe out with a cloth till its clean. Also spray into the off pipe to clean a valve that's located at the bottom near the intake pipe unseize it from the pipe.if this happens be aware that you may have run a tread cleaning tool to clean up the threads in the may find it less aggravating to have a shop perform the ...

pipe should i replace these thing are clean them just do what appears to be logical and clean anything and everything and then see how it runs with oil filler cap off to make sure you have no internal

...the best way to clean a heavily used medical ********* pipe, bubbler or ****? if you dont want the resin then boil it if u do then use a zip tie that is the width of the hole than pull and ...

...the turbo air pipe contracts/squeezes. I have already opened the inter coolant radiator and cleaned it. This has had no effect, all turbo air pipes have been checked and cleaned. But this ...

...pipe tubing and clean with brake cleaner, replace the clips and refit, it will be fine as long as there is no holes or cracks in the pipe. No u don't have to clean out the intercooler it will sort it ...

Question about 1990 Aerostar

1 Answer

...pump, automizer pump and then to injectors. Just remove pipe and blow air to clean, drain water, replace filter if cloged and also clean fuel tank if you find more dust inside the pipes or

pipe clean as best you can and check the connectors at both ends of the pipe and any other pipes near it. Tighten the clamps a SMALL amount and recheck for leaks after the vehicle has been used. If it

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