Questions & Answers for: Opel Corsa chevy spark 2004 wiring


spark-plug-on-chevy-impala.html----------- Spark plug Replacing for? to identify number one spark plug


Question about 2004 Corsa 1.3

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wireing a towbar do you need a audible relay unit when wireing a tow bar an audible relay wired to reverse is ok.


10amp fuse for glow plug lite keeps on blowing hi, I battle with cold starts as my glow plug lite does not lite up to indicate it is working/heating glow plugs. what is the wiring diagram for this ...

Question about 2008 Corsa 1.4

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opel corsa c whats the resistance value in ohms on the spark plug wire for a Opel Corsa 1.4 UTE What spark plug wire? A 2008 Corsa has a sealed coil pack connected to all four plugs and bolted to the ...

no power, changed spark plugs & renewed the plug wires Suggest you get a cheap OBD2 code reader from eBay, plug it into your car's diagnostic socket and read the fault codes displayed. Then google

Question about 2001 Corsa 1.4

1 Answer


How do i reconnect the dastek unichip I have removed it due to not starting and suspect the chip,only to find out it was the crank sensor. I have removed the chip because I susspect the cause for no ...

...spark plugs and wiring, water pump, cambelt, timing belt , replaced all the values with new head gasket, oil filter cleaned the petrol filter he checked everything again but still car won't start he ...

i have changed the coil pack, spark plugs , oli filter. airfilter, and fuel filter on my 2003 opel corsa 1.4 L but it has continued misfiring, what could be the problem. Do you have plug wires if so ...

Opel Corsa firing order diagram spark plug wires 1.6 Sport 1997 Visit the on-line store, know as reliable-store, they have the repair manuals. I'm sure you will get the solution of your problem. Best ...

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