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...gas the truck wants to stop and will soon lower in rear and the service ride control light comes on aswell as the abs light no other ligghts also there seems to be a burning smell one of your caliper ...


the fuel light comes on and off after filling with gas More then likely you have a sending unit inside of the fuel tank going bad. Does you gas gauge also show empty when the fuel light comes on?


light came on. Hooking a code reader onto the OBD II port will give you a code so that you can figure out what is wrong with it. It is most likely an emission code which won't hurt the performance but

Question about 2003 Escalade

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gas . I stopped at advance auto to get a diagonostic so I cut truck off they. Said the light was on cuz of the oxygen sensor, I tried to leave advance auot and it woulnd't. Start but it sounds like it

...On the third time hold the gas pedal down until your indicator light says "Oil life reset". Then turn the key the rest of the way to start the car and then it is complete. Don't forget to rate

...went out and I can't tell how mach gas is in my 2005 Cadillac ESV....Please HELP!! Turn the car on and put it in neutral then push the brake and gas on at the same time. then, the problem is ...

ran out of gas. an put gas back in it . now the engine won't turn over? Are you saying you get nothing at all no lights no nothing and the engine doesn't turn over at all? Is there clicking? Is the ...

Question about 2006 Escalade

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...Cadillac Escalade with a 6.0 liter v8 it is missing and back firing and it set the engine light off but it is off now. Onstar said the code for the light was for it backing firing. I thought it was ...

Question about 2006 Escalade

1 Answer

Cadillac Escalade - was driving home from store when all of a sudden it seemed like I was running out of gas. Tank was 1/4 full. I filled it up. I was careful not to drive full acceleration so I could I don't think its the gas cap, but is strongest in the drivers side wheel well area. You'll need to look for a liquid fuel leak, or a damaged vent hose.Is the check engine light on

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