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could be installed in series with a 12 volt lead under the dashboard and not part of the standard fuse box. Fuses do fail from metal fatigue and it's possible a surge from a fresh battery took one out


Question about 1999 Odyssey

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...battery fuse link Under hood box: Fuse 20 (120A) Hope this helps. Hi there, The main fuse link is usually inline with the + battery cable (red). Usually situated somewhere on the cable itself. The ...


...battery post. Any reading shows there is a leak. Trick then is to find it. The best way is to remove the fuses from the fuse block one at a time until the meter no longer reads. Then you have the ... the fuse /relay box.clean the cable ends,and the battery post,look for a fusible link,that maybe burned into,it will be at the end of the positive cable. SOUND LIKE BATTERY FUSE OR FUSE LINK

Most alarms are connected to a power source under the hood (battery) Check for a single line connected to + terminal. It should have fuse in that line. Also check fuse pannel near battery marked alarm

...fuse? and is there My wifes 2001 Honda Odysseys battery did in a parking lot. Mall security hooked up the jumpstart cables wrong (I guess) now it won't start at all. Could he have overloaded ...

bad. charge it. many times leaving lights on, kills the battery for ever. camel and straw deal. 1: dead battery , not 12.6v. 2: fuses blown. (in engine bay fuse box) 3: battery lugs corroded real bad

fuse 13 draw battery goes dead. fuse is marked clock backup 7.5a Possible is the clock. The battery might not hold charge. -How long you have this battery...? -Each battery's life is last Only 5 Years cleaner and fix them back). - Perform alternator test with and without load. - Check the main fuses, battery cables and connectors in the fuse and relay box under the hood. Hope that

...battery prob, but my dvd player and radio stoped working all together... not sure where fuses are havnt checked sorry but look at fuses first. your vehicle could have 2 fuse boxes, one under hood and ...

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