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Question about 2002 Town & Country

4 Answers

...fuse's are? Are your head lights bright enough when you turn them on? If they seem a bit dim, it could indicate a weak battery, and hence less juice to the dashboard. If the battery is OK, I would ...


...fuse is located if there is one. During battery replacement I did have to put in a battery cable splice kit due to corrosion. Check the splice and make sure there is no exposed wire and that it isn't ...


Question about 2001 Town & Country

1 Answer (possible incorrect battery contact with jumpers, fuse protects vehicle electrical system) also a shorted battery will not produce power for vehicle , auto parts store will check battery for gives power to your fuse box, reason I say this is, If there was nothing wrong with the battery area cables or main fuse box, then you would still have power, since the battery supplies the

Question about 2005 Town & Country

1 Answer

...not working. Did I fry something? Check the fuses in the fuse box just above the battery and see if there is anything (fuses) that popped. I did the same thing but got away with nothing being

Question about 1996 Town & Country

3 Answers

...battery. Check your alternator fuse in your fuse box/panel. Hope this helps, James Booth Check the alternator with a multimeter with the engine running you should have 14-14.6 volts if you don't ...

Question about 1996 Town & Country

1 Answer

...fuse? Crossing the battery leads to one major fault and that is the destruction of the CPU in the ECM unit. The fusible links are either cloth covered wire next to the battery or ceramic type fuse ...

...fuse or relay? I tried resetting via disconnecting the battery, and that works until I start the engine. Then it goes back to like before. The fuses and relays are right beside the battery. Remove ... amp located in the back rear drivers side, check that, and there are fuses near battery , a radio fuse and also an amp fuse, i change my battery every 3 years as a prevention so I don't get

good. Could it be the ignition fuse 25A? Checking battery and fuses. Do you mean it cranks but will not start, or will not even crank? If it turns but won't start, yes the ignition fuse can cause that

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