Questions & Answers for: Lincoln Town Car balance washer


Question about 1989 Town Car

1 Answer

...cover replacement i need to know how to replace the timing cover as well as removing the harmonic balancer which i believe needs to come off before i can start on the timing cover A standard ...


Question about 1998 Town Car

1 Answer

my 1998 lincoln towncar off-balance my 1998 lincoln towncar leans down by the back two wheels Sounds like shocks/struts. Usually if they start sagging it's because of a problem in the suspension, like


location of crank sensor on 1995 lincoln continental Look for a wire close to the harmonic balancer, unplug it and you got your crank sensor.

the honda odyssey trembles what that mean please stop driving car, get tyres checked for wear, balance or loose step if ok steering arms..did you hit anything?..tnx My_d21

...speakers work passenger side Hi have you tried using the settings on the stereo that controls the balance from front to back and side to side if you have changed these settings without knowing then ...

Question about 1999 Town Car

1 Answer

DRIVE TRAIN VIBRATION 65MPH+ WHEN YOU LET OFF ACCELERATOR PEDAL CVIBRATION IN MINIMIZED Have your tires balanced, and check the universal joints on the drive shaft

Question about 2007 Town Car Signature Limited Sedan

1 Answer

2007 Lincoln town car signature limeted bumpy ride when driving over 60 k. What is the tire pressure at? When was the last time the tires where balanced?

Question about 1994 Town Car

1 Answer

the stering istshacking like it is about ready to have a blow outt Have the wheel balancing checked and also all the front end joints including the steering rods etc.

Question about 2001 Town Car

1 Answer

steering wheel wobbles as if wheels are wobbling check you wheels for balance or if they bear any damage.

Question about 1985 Town Car

1 Answer

...cover. The bolt was a main sealer for the waterrpump. Do I need a special tool to get the harmonic balancer pulley off? Yes, you need a harmonic balance puller, most bigger parts stores such as ...

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