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my 04 volvo xc90 leaking power steering fluid at night i found a puddle of power steering fluid on the garage floor after filling it the night before upon hearing a loud power steeing noise while ...


...serviced my 2005 xc90 and need to reset the computer. How do I do that? I am a mechanic for over 35 years but this is the first volvo I have done. I'll tell you tommorow , when I get to my

Ad a wiring diagram docuemtn for you to look at. I suggest looking at page 34 or 35. ...

Question about 2005 XC90

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ac pressures why doesn't the pressures change while the compressor is running, both the high and low pressures are at 80 psi. 134a System Pressure Chart AC Pro according to this chart your compressor ...

Shudders when speeding between 35-50mph. Have changed brakesmotor mounts ball bearings but still shuddering. How can I fix it? might be transmission mount, pretty easy to replace in most vehicles That

...wants over $1000 to fix it, which I haven't got. I've seen replacement parts on Ebay for about $35 and I have friends that can help me with the project. Are there any YouTube videos or Step by ...

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