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Squeaking noice when temp is below 30 degrees I have a 2003 Buick Century that makes a squeaking noice when the temp gets below 30 degrees. I had a Chev Cavalier that did the same thing. the squeaking


...(100,000) ohm at -40°C/-40°F) while high temperature causes low resistance (70°C at 130°C/266°F). basically it a sensor switch tells your computer to turn cooling fans on


Hi my buick century of the 1999 has 130 mile on Hi my buick century of the 1999 has 130000 miles on it. tunup was done when it was 100000. Shoud I do another tunup already? If it ain't broke don't fix

Question about 2000 Century

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fans not working dual fans do they come on with a/c on? if you dont know they dont run all of the time. they dont come on to well over 200 degrees, need to check fuses Test the water pressure sensor! ...

Exhuast manifold torque 38 foot pounds, Head bolts are 38 Foot pounds after you add sealant to the bolts then after torque go another 130 degrees. Tighten center 4 bolts in sequence another 30 degrees

how do you adjust valves on a 3.1 buick century valves are not adjustable torque rocker arms to 120 inch/lb then 30 degrees

Question about 1994 Century

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thermostat temp guage goes to 220 degrees 220 degrees is normal operaing temperature for your car. The thermostat does not open until 195 degrees and the fans don't come on until 126 to 128 degrees. ...

...manifold bolts 65 ft lbs. on the 3.3L V6 step 1 35 ft lbs. step 2 tighten all bolts an additional 130 degrees step 3 tighten center 4 bolts an additional 30 degrees intake manifold bolts 88 in.

How do I get to the 90 degree tab under windshield wiper motor. To I have to take the motor off? open hood. towards windsceen you will find screws for and access your problem

Question about 2002 Century

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I have a 2002 buick century. It seems to be running hot. I have flushed the coolant system and refilled the radiator. I have replaced the temp sensor and the molule in the fuse box, still the electric

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