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I have a 2 wheel combo pitcher and when i drop the ball into the shoot it just bobbles around.It will not throw it

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You most likely need to use medium grade sandpaper and use it one the tires. They need to be sanded down in order for the machine to shoot the balls out.

Posted on Mar 22, 2014


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SOURCE: ball will not shoot out of machine, when drop in

brushes are seized. just fixed one just like it

Posted on Mar 20, 2010

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Balls stuck in tubep


It sounds like there is a build up of material on either the ball throwing wheels (decreasing the overall velocity and causing the balls to stick in the tube) or a build up in the actual tube.

From the manual, it recommends against using new tennis balls in the unit as this directly contributes to the debris build up on the ball throwing wheels. It is recommended to use slightly used balls as some of the waxy coating and ink on the ball would have been partially worn off.

I would suggest using a spray cleaner (like Windex) to clean out the tube. IF you get any material on your cleaning cloth, continue cleaning and, if necessary, use a mild abrasive pad to help with the cleaning process.

As for the ball throwing wheels, the manual suggests using a 40 to 60 grade sand paper and cleaning all of the wheels until they are slightly rough to the touch.

The manual for your unit can be found here:
I hope this helps you out!

Nov 09, 2013 | Tennis Tutor Plus Player Tennis Ball...

2 Answers

How can I get a better grip on the ball when I'm shooting?

As a high school basketball coach for a girl's team, the first thing I always tell them is to not use hand lotion. This adds to excess slippery sweat on the palms. You should be gripping the ball between your palms. When you shoot it, instead of tossing it from your palms, throw it with your arms.

Jan 14, 2013 | Basketball

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I hear a creaking sound when I turn the steering wheel. Could it be because it's cold?

it could be several problems but you can easily trouble shoot them. first ensure there has been a greese job done recently and it will help eliminate the ball joints and tie rod ends. the other culprit is the strut top. you may be able to trouble shoot this by spraying silicone/lube in around the top of the strut either from the top or bottom. you can do this with the ball joints and tie rod as long as you use a good lube(not wd40) check the boots for cracks (source for water ingestion). Hope this helps

Dec 31, 2010 | 1996 Nissan Maxima

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-Taken From GameFAQ's-

World 4-4: Six-Face Sal's Fort

Flower 1

Starting off, go right and hop across the yellow platforms. When you reach
the lava monster, wait for it to stop spewing its lava stream in the air; if
you touch it, you die. When it stops, continue to the right, hopping across
rotating platforms. Pick up the red #1 ball when you reach it, then throw it
in its slot on the wall. After the metal gate opens, continue to the right
and eat the Shy Guy. There will be three sets of yellow platforms ahead. Hop
from the first set to the higher middle set. Jump above the platforms to get
two red coins (2), then continue to the right.

To the right, you will come to a series of purple platforms attached to a
gear. Hop on the right ledges to raise the block to the right. Once it's
fully raised, jump from the highest platform on the wheel onto the block.
Shoot the winged cloud above the block to get the first Flower.

Flower 2

After you get the first flower, drop to the ground and head right into the
next room. There, go right and jump to the ledges above. In the upper-left
corner, you can reveal a hidden winged cloud containing five stars. Go
through the Middle Ring to the right, and look above to see three targets for
the numbered balls. You don't have any right now, so drop to the bottom area
and follow the coin line to the right.

At the Stork Stop, switch to Baby Mario, then continue right along the bottom
path. Make eggs from the Shy Guys that spawn from the pipe, then enter the
door to the right of it. Pick up the red #1 ball sitting there, then exit the
room. Jump onto the pipe and then to the thin ledges above it. Hop up the
ledges to reach the upper-left area. Ride the green platform upward, then run
to the right past the spike pit. At the other end, collect two red coins (4)
and the green #2 ball.

Now, quickly run back to the left as the floor rises to escape. Drop to the
area below and head directly to the right this time. When you reach the
upper-right ledge, go right and enter that room. Lower the two blocks by
turning the gears (stand on the right side of the wheels). Then, hop onto the
right block and flutter to the left one. Go left and up the first hill, then
jump onto a ledge with a Stork Stop on it.

Switch to Baby DK and hang from the ceiling to get across the spike pit to
the right. At the far right, drop to the ledge below and enter that room.
Switch to Baby Mario and run to the left, and pick up the Key. As soon as you
touch the Key, the ceiling will start to collapse, so quickly run back right
to escape. Switch back to Baby DK when you reach the door, then exit the room
and get back across the spike pit.

Now, continue up the path to the pipe at the top of the hill. Go through it,
then when you arrive in the next room, flutter onto the right ledge. Go right
and shoot an egg upward to grab the second Flower.

Flower 3

Drop off the platform to the ledge below, and go through the door there. Pass
through the Middle Ring and go right to some platforms. Hop from the yellow
ones to the ledge above. Collect the coins up there and run to the left where
you will find the next Flower.

Flower 4

From where you grabbed the previous flower, jump to the ledges above and go
left to the pipe. Go down the pipe and enter the door when you land. This
time in the room, go right and hop on the left purple platforms to turn the
gear, which will roll out a ledge below. When the gear stops turning, drop to
the ledge directly below the winged cloud. Shoot the cloud to make a red
switch fall onto the platform. Before you hit it though, go left and drop to
the area to the left of the ledge that moved. Head left and drop onto the
thin ledges, then jump to the stakes in the lava below. Jump to the right to
grab the fourth Flower.

Flower 5

Shoot the winged cloud above the left platform to get five stars. Then, jump
across the ledges and head back to the right. Hit the red switch and run to
the right along the block path, collecting two more red coins (6). At the
other side, jump up the ledges and collect the yellow #3 ball. Quickly drop
back down and wait for the blocks to disappear. Then, drop to the platform
below and collect two red coins (8) above the stake to the left. After that,
go through the door.

Back in this room, go all the way to the far left end of the room. Jump to
the ledges above and unlock the door with your Key. In that room, use the
Stork Stop and switch to Baby Mario if you don't already have him. Jump onto
the M blocks and then make your way upward along the small ledges and other M
blocks. When you reach the top, enter the door on the right side. There, jump
onto the purple platform and ride it downward along the track. When it moves
under the spikes on the low ceiling, duck to avoid getting hit by them. When
you reach the winged cloud, shoot it to reveal a Flower. Shoot a second egg
to claim it.

Boss Battle

Continue riding the platform upward along the track to the end. You will
collect two red coins (10) as you approach the top. Once you get there, go
down the pipe. Fall into the next room and land on the ledge below to find
two more red coins (12), then jump to collect the Character Coin to the right
with Baby Mario. To the left of the coin is a hidden winged cloud you can
jump and reveal; shoot an egg at it to get five stars. When you're done, go
through the door at the bottom to exit.

When you appear in the main room again, grab the two red coins (14) to the
left. Then, run to the right and jump to the upper-right ledge. Go right and
look up at the colored targets, and throw each number ball at the appropriate
target. Doing this will raise a block to the right, so go ahead and enter
that new room. Ride the platform on the track to the right, collecting four
more red coins (18) along the way. At the end of the track, go through the
door to reach a new room.

Use the Stork Stop and switch to Baby Mario if you don't already have him,
then start running to the right. As the ceiling blocks start to fall, keep
running and collecting the coins. One row of coins towards the end will be in
the air, so you will have to quickly jump to get them, including the last two
red coins (20). At the end, go through the Middle Ring, then open the red
door. In the boss room, go up the hill and bounce to the area above, where
you will meet Six-Face Sal.

The boss consists of six faces on a giant wheel which hangs on the top screen
above you. The bottom half consists of a long platform of donut blocks which
sink if you stand on them for too long, and four purple platforms which turn
the gear when you jump on the sides. The battle will start off with one of
the heads coming out and dropping spiked balls onto you. To attack, turn the
wheel by hopping on the platforms, then when the head you want to attack is
at the bottom end of the giant wheel, shoot an egg up at it.

After the first hit, there will now be multiple heads popping out to attack.
Some heads will be red, but only one will have a pale, light color to it.
That's the one you should be looking to attack. After several rounds of this,
at one point having all the heads attacking you at once, the battle will end
after you attack successfully several times.

Oct 24, 2009 | Nintendo Yoshi''s Island 2 for DS

1 Answer

Around 55 my 03 honda accord starts to vibrate and stops around 63, but also it will stop if i let of the gas that is what throws me off.

Check wheel balance and for out-of-round or lumpy tires. Also, check the CV joints on the ends of the front axles for wear. Shake all four wheels (off the ground) for bearing slop, and look at the tread wear pattern on all four wheels. Poor shocks or struts can cause vibration. Worn out ball joints in the front end also cause problems as can loose tie rod ends and loose ends on the anti-roll bar.

Sep 14, 2009 | 2003 Honda Accord

1 Answer

I need written instructions for EA Sports MVP Baseball for Gamecu

hope these are the right ones

MVP Baseball 2005

Z Button Z + A Button = Square to Bunt (release to pull back)
A Button Swing

Control Pad Steal / Choose base destination (press toward base you are trying to steal)
Slide Refer to EA SPORTS Big Play Control in Gameplay below.
C Stick Left/Right = Increase/decrease leadoff.
X Button Control runner at 1st
B Button Control runner at 3rd
Y Button Control runner at 2nd
L Button Advance/stop all runners
Z Button Advance/stop all runners
R Button Retreat runner
Control Stick Choose pitch location.
A Button Throw a pitch
X Button Throw a pitch
B Button Throw a pitch
Y Button Throw a pitch
White Button (press and hold) + Directional Pad Up/Down (Left/Right to toggle between bullpens and dugouts) = View Bullpen/Dugout menu
R Button Throw a pitch
L Button + X, B or Y = Pickoff attempt. L + A = Pitchout. L + Control Pad Down = Intentionally hit the batter. L + Control Pad Up = Intentionally walk a batter.
Z Button (Hold) + Control Pad Up/Down = Choose infield/outfield alignment (before pitch). Left/Right to choose a category. Z Button (hold) + C Stick Left/Right = View pitch history, to toggle at bats. Z Button + Control Pad Up/Down = View Bullpen/Dugout menu (Left/Right to toggle between bullpens and dugouts).

Control Stick Move fielder
C Stick EA SPORTS Big Play Control
A Button Throw to home (press and hold to power up, release to throw)
X Button Throw to 1st (press and hold to power up, release to throw)
B Button Throw to 3rd (press and hold to power up, release to throw)
Y Button Throw to 2nd (press and hold to power up, release to throw)
R Button Throw to the cut-off man



The Strike zone is divided into nine colored squares. Red squares mark the batter's hot zones. Blue squares are the batter's cold zones. Clear squares are neutral for the batter.

Take unprecedented control at the plate by moving the Control Stick during your swing.

-The results of your swing depend on your timing, the location of the pitch, and the direction you move the Control Stick.
-For the best results, move the Control Stick towards the location of the pitch.
-To hit the ball in the air, move the Control Stick Diagonal Up-Left / Up / Diagonal Up-Right while swinging. This increases the chances of hitting a fly ball, but also increases your chances of missing the ball if the pitch isn't up in the zone.
-To hit the ball on the ground, move the Control Stick Diagonal Left-Down / Down / Diagonal Right-Down while swinging. Keep in mind that high pitches are very difficult to hit on the ground.
-To hit the ball to the left, move the Control Stick Diagonal Left- Down / Left / Diagonal Up-Left while swinging. For the best results, use this when the pitch is coming in on the left side of the plate.
-To hit the ball to the right, move the Control Stick Diagonal Right-Down / Right / Diagonal Up-Right while swinging. For the best results, use this when the pitch is coming in on the right side of the plate.


1. Press and hold the button that corresponds to the pitch you want to throw. The bar inside the pitch meter begins moving.
2. Release the pitch button when the bar reaches the end of the pitch meter. The closer your release point is to the end of the meter, the more effective the pitch is.
3. Press the pitch button again when the bar is within the green accuracy zone near the beginning of the pitch cycle to determine the pitch's accuracy.
-The effect of a bad pitch depends on the type of pitch. For example, ineffective fastballs are slower than normal, and less effective breaking pitches are flatter.
-If a pitcher misses the green accuracy zone by a considerable amount, an indicator (red for hot zone, blue for cold zone, yellow for ball, white for neutral) appears to tip off the batter to the location of the pitch.


Your pitcher's pitch selection appears on-screen. Not all pitchers have the same arsenal of pitches. A pitcher's four-seam fastball is always assigned to A Button. The remaining pitches are assigned to X, B, Y and R Button (though not all pitchers have five pitches).


-If you power up the throw into the red zone, you throw harder, but less accurately, which could result in an error.
-If you select to throw to either a base or the cut-off man before the ball arrives, the fielder begins his throw immediately upon receiving the ball.

NOTE: The CPU automatically adjusts your defensive alignment based on the situation. However, you can override this by choosing the infield and outfield alignments yourself.


Using the all-new EA SPORTS Big Play Control, you can climb the fence to rob home runs, make spectacular diving catches, slide around tags, and more.


- To dive or stretch for a ball just out of your reach, move the C Stick Left/Right toward the ball.
-To climb the wall to snag a would-be home run or jump for a ball over your head, move the C Stick Up.
-To make a sliding catch, move the C Stick Down as the ball approaches.

Timing is the key to a perfect slide. Use EA SPORTS Big Play Control to create havoc on the base paths.

C Stick:
Up = Head-first slide
Diagonal Up-Left/Up-Right = Head-first slide to the left/right side of the bag
Down = Pop-up slide
Diagonal Down-Right/Down-Left = Hook slide to the right/left side of the bag
Up = Dislodge ball from catcher.

May 19, 2009 | EA Sports MVP Baseball 2005 for GameCube

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