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I have HP DC7700 that came with no rams. I bought a 2GB Integral 8839-C-10048 Ram (Non ECC PC2-6400) and had a problem - my pc would give the 5 beep (pauses for a moment and then starts giving the 5 beep's again) Someone told me that they couldnt handle 2GB so i bought 1GB PC2-6400 Non ECC module. Its Kingston KVR800D2N6/1G and I have the same problem. I bought another unit Integral IN2T1GNXNFX 1GB also pc2-6400 Non ECC - but still get the 5 beep cycle. whats more if there's no ram, it still gives me 5 beep. Checked the PSU, it's ok - mobo seems fine as well (no fat capacitors etc) What am i not doing right? (apart from reaching for the Mallet) any help would be appreciated.

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  • Anonymous Nov 01, 2018

    Hi wtebraiz, I want to help you with your question, but I need more information from you. Can you please add details in the comment box?
    no processor stated. and its MMU matters.



2 Answers

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As explained here
5 beeps = Pre-video memory error which means that the northbridge on the motherboard is faulty. You need a new mobo, this one is dead.

Posted on Feb 25, 2011

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This is an old question and it sounds like the issue is unrelated to the RAM, however, note that that the dc7700 only supports 2GB RAM boards when using a 64 bit operating system. When using a 32 bit operating system the maximum board size is 1GB.

Posted on Sep 24, 2018

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  • Anonymous Oct 01, 2018

    7 years late, wow, going for the most old necro post? Ok sure... Frankenstein lives.
    it is 2006 made, 12 years old
    the Coin cell is NO GOOD

  • cop_that_1 Nov 01, 2018

    I like to bring things back from the dead! lol

    and keep them going as long as possible!

    (Frankenstein Computer Services! lol)

    Actually I am using an HP dc7700 CMT (Convertible Mini Tower) to write this :)

    so the recycle centre isn't the only place for them! :)

    2.67 gigahertz Intel Core 2 Duo, running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (multi boot with XP 32 bit and Linux Mint 64 bit) with 6GB of RAM (2x2GB in slots 1 & 3 + 2x1GB), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 SE 1GB GDDR5, Samsung 850 Pro 128MB SSD (partitioned for operating systems) with a 1GB HDD (partitioned for data and operating systems).

    The SSD makes a big difference as does the recent increase from 4 to 6GB of RAM (especially when browsing with multiple (30+) web pages open).

    It certainly isn't a high end gaming rig but if you have a dc7700 CMT (or can pick one up for next to nothing - note they come with free XP Pro 32 bit licence) and like tinkering with computers, for the low price of the small SSD (AUD$51 ebay auction from Australia - they are cheap as not many people want 64 or 128mb anymore - they can also be transferred to your next computer), 1GB vid card (AUD$60? ebay auction? from Australia 3 years ago - probably lot cheaper now) and (new? = used!?!) Samsung 2GB RAM boards (ebay AUD$8 each from China) it is a low cost unit that works quite well for most (low to medium demand) purposes.

    Note - I believe they are NOT capable of running quad core (some dispute that) and believe they are NOT capable of utilising the full capacity of even that graphics card (due to dc7700 only having first generation PCIe?) so there is not much point in spending big on graphics - GRAM is probably more important than GPU? The "good" thing about it not being able to use the full capacity of the graphics card is that graphics power consumption is down as a result so the dc7700 standard 350W power supply is sufficient (while the cards full power can probably be used in your next computer). Note that a cheap brand 350W power supply may NOT be sufficient for that card - especially in a modern computer.

    I have some dc7800 SFFs which also work quite well running Win10 Pro 32 bit (they CAN run 64 bit) with 4x1GB RAM (can run at least 4x2GB with 64 bit) and LOW profile (required for SFF) 1GB vid card. I believe the dc7800s ARE capable of running some early quad cores.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Nov 01, 2018

    see this spec, in your hp online manual
    see that x4 rule.
    that means the chips only have 4 data lines
    and will need lots and lots of chips on the card to gain full bus width.
    we call that density, or topology restrictions. (chips not sticks)
    the sticks need x8 or X16 wide chips)
    never less, or fails.
    newer sticks will work , super old ones with x4 chips will not.

  • Anonymous Nov 01, 2018

    pretty clear there on restrictions in your manual;
    also the book shows how to get extended POST codes the Screen will POST 3 digit,
    see those codes in appendix c1 up/
    code 164 to 219 are all memory errors.
    and are clear.
    other errors for CMOS, your COIN cell died
    5 years ago, wow. 12 - 7 = 5 year ago.
    never seen coin go 12 years, not me.
    nor would I want it to leak onto my mobo.

  • Anonymous Nov 01, 2018

    and last your manual

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Nov 01, 2018

    the PCI slot is 75watt max for video card
    to exceed that it has Aux ports then need a PSU you don't have.
    and the PCI-e version limits.
    the BIOS upgrade Must match your exact motherboard, if not you just bricked a good motherboard.
    do not guess, ask HP for direct help with BIOS. upgrades. oK? or you may be very sorry.
    if you google you see lots of folks buying memory blind stuffed in t0 7700 and fails.
    this MMU has restrictions./

    test with 1 stick in black socket channel A
    the book is not clear on what socket to use for 1 stick tests. but my guess is BLACK socket. but you can test all 4 easy. with 1 known good stick. I bet Black.
    good luck with your 7700(hyjackers)

  • Anonymous Nov 01, 2018

    7800 is different PC.

  • Anonymous Nov 01, 2018

    one more.
    the BIOS can in fact reject perfectly good memory, due to the fact it sees your 2018 memory and can not crystal ball the 12 year future.
    sorry,but BIOS is very tricky and so is X4 density chip on the stick not allowed.

  • cop_that_1 Nov 02, 2018

    I've created (another!) monster! lol

    Pleasantly surprised that my last post generated interest. Thank you for you responses :)

    Please note that I do NOT have any (major) issues with my dc7700 :)

    To address the reply posts:

    1. Yes the dc7700 is 12 years old, however it still works and does most jobs well. Just because it is more than 10 years old doesn't mean it isn't still capable of performing and needs to be trashed. A few cheap upgrades can do wonders. How old are you? :)

    2. My Real Time Clock coin cell battery is fine (I think the computer was only sitting for a few years without being used (= not connected to a power supply). Not sure if it is the orginal one or not. If it ever does go flat it can be replaced (just need to remove the graphics card to access it).

    3. Yes the RAM configuration is important. I checked the HP specs before ordering. All the RAM in my dc7700 works well.
    The 1GB boards are HP that came with computer.
    The 2GB boards are Samsung that were bought recently on ebay from China for $8 each.
    They were meant to be "new" Samsung boards but testing with CPU-Z indicates they were made in 2009 (plus they had quite a few score marks on the contacts) so they are probably second hand.
    The ebay item photo board label specs were appropriate for the dc7700 (however the item photo chip numbers indicated a previous die revision, QQ, to what belonged to the board label indicating that it should have QE chips).
    The boards that arrived had a different label to the ebay item label indicating that it should have the QQ chips but it had the next die revision QE chips which is what belonged to the item photo label!!! So the ebay Frankensteins had gotten their labels slightly mixed up!!! lol
    Bottom line though is that both the 2GB boards & chips were what I wanted/ordered and work well.
    From CPU-Z testing board model number is Samsung M378T5663EH3-CF7 and chips numbers are Samsung K4T1G084QE-HCF7.
    They are double sided with 8 chips on each side for a total of 16 chips per board.
    All my RAM is running with CAS latency 6.

    4. Graphics card is running with power from the PCIe slot (max 75W as you point out) and two sata power plugs via a sata Y cable into the cards 6 pin power socket (as you point out).

    Some online power supply calculators indicated that there was going to be a power supply issue however a more sophisticated one didn't (probably recognising the PCIe version differences).
    I was concerned that the 350W power supply was not going to be adequate for the whole computer system so had salvaged a 240W power supply from an HP dc7600 and wired it to be externally mounted to direcly power the grahics card via its 6 pin power plug if needed. There are online instructions and Youtube videos? showing how to configure the system to turn on the external power automatically when the main power is turned on.

    In the end there was enough power from the 350W power supply probably due to the dc7700 only having first generation PCIe while the card had third generation PCIe technology which the system couldn't use or fully utilise.

    BIOS is the latest correct bios.

    Yes the black RAM slot is Slot 1. Channel A is Slots 1&2, B is 3&4. Matching RAM should go into Slots 1&3 (and 2&4).

    5. Yes the dc7800 is a different, slightly more advanced, newer computer with additional features (one being the ability to use quad core CPUs).

    Note I do NOT think the dc7800 CMT motherboard will go into a dc7700 CMT case! For some reason HP swapped motherboard mounting (and input/output) sides! (from right to left). Maybe so you couldn't upgrade to the next generation (with quad core) by merely replacing the motherboard?

    6. The BIOS might not be able to recognise 2018 RAM - I don't know, however I would have thought if the specs where right it shouldn't matter when it was made. In my case the 2GB RAM I bought was made in 2009 which is only a few years after the computer was made.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Nov 04, 2018

    you forget that the spec. includes chip density. (and more)
    it is a hard cold fact that this PC this MMU and bios do not support all DDR densities made for near a decade.
    does not.
    DDR specs are complex.
    that is why most top makers offer a listing page, for certified DDR.
    that is because many DO NO RUN.
    and fact #1 the makers does NOT attempt
    to recertify 10000 models of 1 decade old computers to new DDR RAM.
    its not going to happen.
    what is lacking too is the Maker back 10 years go cant see the future.

    then there is Bus capacitance spec.
    the MMU has max allowed, (3pF?)(
    if the DDRm exceeds that it fails.
    so now you know how memory works.
    for sure DDR is the most hard thing to buy.
    for a fact, unless PC is new and so is ram.

    learn too that when you go to top makers of DDR web sites, what you see there is not SPEC.!
    it's crude simple version of one.(facts)
    they tell you like 6 things of 20.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Nov 04, 2018

    we can talk DDR all day long, (long ago was my job) but matching up memory to old PCs is problematic
    the EVIL man (joking) is Gordon Moore of Intel..
    MR. MOORE's LAW for him in the 80s. his LAB, memory dev.)
    They shrink the die then make it 2 time more complex. then 10 years latter your PC is
    lost in this new complexity.
    called DENSITY.
    He said "density doubles every year"
    in year 2020 this ends at 10nm feature size
    so today we use stacked 3D DDR, chips.
    with very complex address decoding.
    (your PC spec is not as simple as you think)
    speed and density matters
    even the BIOS can get confused.
    Bios scans the SPD chip and goes, wow what is thing you at throwing at me?, no kidding)
    here is where density is today.

  • Anonymous Nov 04, 2018

    the 1GB stick (old)
    top of HP list (old) is this
    HP: # 418951-001

    1GB DMS Certified Memory DDR2-800 (PC2-6400) 128x64 CL6 1.8v

    HP list
    just one of 4 motherboard. SFF

  • Anonymous Feb 03, 2019

    for others reading this post .
    the OP never told what was in his PC.
    only ram.
    so any answers will be wild guessing.
    9years old today. 1 year old OP failed.
    an desktop can have vast things inside.
    wrong gutless wonder PSU.
    wrong GPU card, not liking above.
    sold new with 4 choices, or more, after, endless. choices in fact,
    shorted PCI cards in the slots there?> ?
    5 beeps is the only useful clue.
    and is covered in his manual if he wants to read.
    my guess wrong RAM, or wrong GPU card.
    or GPU card in wrong slot?

    HP has zero standardized beeps, for 20 years
    changed like every year or 2.
    5 = CPU missing
    5 + main board issues
    5= bad ram.
    5= you flashed BIOS Firmware and bricked it.



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That should have worked
2 Gb DDR2 PC2-5300 • CL=5 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR2-667 • 1.8V • 256Meg x 64 •
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Dear all we have a compaq dc7700 which does not start anymore. It gives blank screen, lfront led is red flashing and beeps 5 times. Can you tell me what is going on with this system ? Best regards

5 beeps for an AMI BIOS, which I think you have, means you have a processor error, or, in other words, the CPU.
Just to be sure, disconnect everything BUT the video, CPU, and memory. See if the result is the same.

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Got an AsRock P4i65G mobo and bought 2 gig RAM for it. However, I have bought ECC memory by mistake instead of Non-ECC. PC wont boot with the new RAM. Is there any way I can get this to work such as with...

Hi, you can download a manual here:

This ram type is ONLY intended for servers
or mainboards that are compatible for that ram type.

This is what your mainboard supports:

Dual Channel DDR memory technology
- 2 x DDR DIMM slots
- Supports DDR400/333/266 non-ECC, un-buffered memory
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Use only the asrock site when upgrading the bios.
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Hope this will help you.

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Would this particular RAM work with my Dell Dimension 2400?


According to the Dell specification found here:

your PC does not support registered ECC RAM.

Most desktop PCs use unbuffered RAM. Registered ECC (Error Checking and Correcting) is a special type of RAM mostly used in servers.

Unbuffered RAM is faster than ECC RAM and is usually cheaper.

To find RAM that is compatible with your PC try the memory configuration tool at

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Ram seems to be bad the computer beeps

this machine requires (up to 4GB) 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM

2G DDR3 PC3-10600 CL=7 Unbuffered NON-ECC DDR3-1333 1.5V 256Meg x 64, sell for about $30-$40ea

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What is the max ram speed my pc can take

According to some research, your desktop has 4 RAM slots available. The total maximum RAM your desktop can hold is 2GB (2048MB). Furthermore, each slot can hold a maximum of 1GB (1024) but cannot exceed the 2GB total.
This means you can theoretically install 2 x 1GB RAM DIMMS in 2 RAM slots or 4 x 512MB RAM DIMMS. Both will meet the desktops 2GB limitation.
The RAM specifications for your desktop are as follows:
RAM Limit: 2GB (2048MB) RAM Slot Type: SO-DIMM RAM Type: DDR1 (not DDR2 or DDR3) RAM Speed: PC3200/DDR400 ECC Type: Non-ECC
TIP: The RAM is DDR which means that while you can install them as singles (single-channel mode), the system will see a speed benefit from installing them as matched pairs (dual-channel mode).

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Thanks. We have replaced our PC100/REG 64MB/ECC with PC133/ 128MB NON ECC ram. Now my server is working fine for more than 16 hours. We hope we have solved our problem. We have tried with PC100/ 256 MB non ECC ram in this server. It is not working. What i want to know is how much RAM this server supports. there are 2 memory banks are there. In E-Bay , USA this PC100/REG 128MB/ECC is available. Make "MASTER". Can i try that. Pl give suggestion.

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HP EVO D530 black screen after ram upgrade

This means one of 3 things

1. Bad Ram module
2. The Ram module is not plugged in correctly or all the way in.
3. The Ram could be incompatible.

Your PC is compatible the follwing types of ram...
DDR PC2700 • CL=2.5 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR333 • 2.5V • 64Meg x 64

DDR PC3200 • CL=3 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR400 • 2.6V • 32Meg x 64

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I have a Gigabyte-GA-8SIMLNF motherboard and recently bought 2gb (2*1gb)of pc2100 DDR and am getting the no ram beep,it is labeled ecc ramwill this not work?

Your motherboard does not support ECC RAM. You'll have to buy a PC2100 nonECC DDR RAM. Also, it supports a maximum of 2 GB RAM, i.e; 2 RAMs each of 1GB in each slot.

Hope this answers your query. Thanks.

Jul 22, 2009 | Intel Motherboard

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Tried to upgrade RAM now computer won't boot up

check ther is 4 ram bank and if then fix ram after left 1 bank.then check .
there is also check frequency same of both ram.

Jan 10, 2009 | Computers & Internet

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